For how to use Single Window Sharing and information about current limitations, please read this article: Single Window Sharing

🎯 Presenter mode works with PowerPoint and Google Slides on Windows.
🎯 MacOS users are advised to use Airplay to utilise presenter mode.

Presenter mode using PowerPoint and Airtame (Windows only)

☝️ Streaming notification must be enabled in the app preferences


  1. Open Airtame and start a full screen stream.
  2. Open PowerPoint and start the presentation.
  3. Click on the Airtame notification to switch to single window streaming and select the presentation.
  4. Right click on the presentation and select "Show presenter view".


Presenter mode using Google Slides:



1. Open your Google Slides presentation.

2. Click on 🔽 and select "Presenter view".

3. Open the Airtame app.

4. Hover the mouse over the desired Airtame and press "Share window".

5. Click on the presentation window to start streaming only the presentation.

6. By default, the streaming will not be shown in full screen. To go to full screen, please click the button illustrated here:
(NB: This is only possible on Windows and not for macOS)

7. For presenting the window to additional Airtame-equipped displays, open the app and click "+ Add screen" next to the name of the desired device(s).


We appreciate any feedback you have regarding the presenter mode 🙏

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