If you connect Airtame directly to your Mac computer using a micro-USB-to-USB cable you can access Airtame's settings, doing any changes like connect it to your WiFi network. This may be a more convenient method for big rollouts since you avoid needing to connect to the device's shared wifi, but rather connect by simply plugging in the USB. 

️ This is only possible on Apple computers 

After approximately 1 minute, once Airtame has finished booting, you will see your Airtame appear in the Airtame application device will show up among available devices and you will be able to press settings.

️You do not need to follow the green setup banner anymore.

Once you access Device management you can complete the device's setup by:

  1. Connecting it to your WiFi under the setting "Network"
  2. Naming your Airtame device
  3. Optional: Connecting Airtame to airtame.cloud

Once done, install Airtame on your TV, wait for it to connect to the network and then continue doing further recommended configurations like:

  1. Connecting to the cloud via airtame.cloud cloud token
  2. Updating the device to the latest firmware version.
  3. Disabling Airtame's own AP's to avoid extra interference
  4. Locking the settings pannel

Or reach out to us via our support chat or support@airtame.com for more help making your setup perfect!

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