1. Start off by downloading and opening the Airtame app from airtame.com

2. Drag and drop the Airtame app into the Applications folder of your computer

3. Launching the Airtame app you will see the icon in the menu bar

️ ⚠️Mac OS 10.14 Mojave has extra security features that will display these two warnings:

️☝️This warning is related to the Airtame application trying to see nearby WiFis (crucial for detecting new Airtame devices ready to be set up)

️☝️This warning is related to the required Mac OS audio driver "Soundflower", used as a virtual audio input that the app can capture from for streaming audio.

4. The first time you attempt to share your screen with audio you will get asked to allow the Soundflower extension.

️ ⚠️Click on the “Allow” button next to “MATT INGALS”. That is the name of the developer.
☝️You will need to enter your admin password to install this driver. If your computers security settings are more strict you may also need to "Allow" it in "System Preferences" under "Security & Privacy". To double check if the driver installation was successful - you can take a look at your Sound settings, it should look like this:

In case you accidentally clicked "Not now" or do not see "Soundflower" in the list of outputs, you can install Soundflower manually by following these steps: 

  1. Download soundflower from this link
  2. Now open the soundflower.pkg file
  3. Open "System Preferences" and go to "Security & Privacy"
  4. Click "Allow" at the bottom of the window
  5. Open the soundflower.pkg file again, this time it will succeed!

If you have any related questions you can reach out to us via live chat (click on the icon on the bottom right corner of this page), or send an email to support@airtame.com

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