In some cases, users have had trouble starting a stream to their Airtame. We have highlighted some of the issues we have found but first, make sure you're not missing something simple:

  1. Your Airtame is turned on and showing the home screen
  2. Your Airtame is connected to a network and shows a valid IP address on screen
  3. The laptop being used is also on the same network as the Airtame or has access to that network (Inter-VLAN routing)

Most Common issues

  • No Reachability
  • Inter-vlan Routing
  • Firewall policy
  • Access-list
  • Port-security on switch
  • Mac-filter on Access-point

Follow each question

Q1: Is there Reachability between your device and Airtame device?

Check if you can ping Airtame's IP address from PC you are streaming from.

  • If it works, then it means that there is another thing blocking the traffic like closed ports, a firewall policy or Access-List.
  • If it doesn’t work then it could mean that they are on different subnets with no inter-VLAN routing or "Client isolation" is enabled, common on guest networks, or a firewall policy is blocking ICMP traffic

Q2: Is Inter-vlan routing configured?

If you have tried to ping and it didn’t work.Check if both the Airtame and streaming device in same subnet or different subnet (Different IP range)

  • If the Airtame and streaming device are in different subnets, check if the layer 3 device (router or L3 Switch) has inter-VLAN routing configured correctly.
  • If the Airtame and streaming device are in same subnet check the port-security, ACL & Firewall

Q3: Is there a firewall policy configured?

  1. Make sure on the firewall there is a policy to allow traffic from the PC subnet to Airtame's subnet and reverse for port 8002, 1900, 1901 & 8080 (TCP & UDP)
  2. The inside and outside interface for firewall
  3. The firewall statements are in correct order

Q4: Is there an access-list on the network devices?

The Access-list configured on the router or switch that allows or denies traffic:

    1. Check the ports enabled on the Access-list 8002, 1900, 1901 & 8080 are allowed

   2. Check the direction of the traffic (source and destination Subnets)

   3. Check the order of the lines in the access-list

   4. Check the direction on each interface(IN or OUT)

Q5: Is there MAC Filtering on the switch?

Check if there is MAC filtering on the AP. MAC filtering will allow or deny a group of MAC address. Often new MAC addresses are denied by default and thus need to be allowed manually.

If the MAC address of your device or Airtame is not allowed then they can’t communicate on the network.

Q6: Is there port-security configured on the switch?

If the ping is not working on an Ethernet connection it may be due to Port Security.

What is Port Security?
It is a feature on the switch so you can attach only one MAC address to this port so if someone disconnected the device and connected another device with different MAC the port will be down and it won’t send any traffic.

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