⚠️ Do not RESET your device before reaching out to Airtame support

There are a few reasons why you may be seeing a black screen, here we will cover most common ones and how to correct them:

  1. "No Signal" Black screen at boot
  2. Virtual Machine (VM) or Windows server using RDP
  3. Device doesn't turn on (Click Here)
  4. Homescreen fails to load
  5. TV/Projector uses an unsupported video mode
  6. Computers with discrete GPU
  7. DRM Copyright Protection
  8. Faulty HDMI

"No signal"/Black screen at boot of Airtame 1

If you are getting a black screen when booting your Airtame 1, it may just be that the device is taking a little longer than usual to boot up. Wait for 30-60 seconds for the picture to show. If it doesn't show, try another HDMI port on the screen. If that doesn't help then follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Airtame from the HDMI.
  2. Power on the Airtame device and allow 20 seconds for it to boot up.
  3. Perform a reset of the device by holding the button for 10 seconds, release when the light blinks quickly.
  4. Wait 20 seconds for the device to reset and reboot.
  5. Plug into the HDMI of the TV/Projector while it is turned on.

Virtual Machine (VM) or Windows server using RDP

Users running Airtame on a Virtual machine or a server without a dedicated monitor may experience the stream showing a black screen or just a mouse pointer. This is because the Airtame app doesn't have a screen to capture from. Your options are:

  1. Use VNC over RDP as it creates a virtual screen to capture from.
  2. Use a Headless Dongle to simulate a screen being attached.
  3. Attach a monitor to the server.

Spinning arrows

Symptom 1: When starting a stream from a computer, you see spinning arrows indefinitely and the stream never starts.
Solution 1: The Airtame app is having trouble capturing your screen. This is most likely due to your computer rendering the screen on a graphics card instead of the main GPU. Try to access your graphics settings and see if you can set for Airtame app to capture from "Integrated graphics" or "internal graphics".
Symptom 2: Instead of displaying Homescreen - Airtame shows spinning arrows
Solution 2: This means device can not load the Homescreen content. The issue could be that website or image is very big and therefore process takes too long. Try to use different image or website.

TV/Projector uses an unsupported video mode

Symptom: After plugging your Airtame 1 into your TV, and powering it up and selecting the right HDMI source channel, your screen is completely black. Like the previous case but without a version number being shown on the bottom-right of the display. And using the device on another screen works.

Solution: This could be unsolvable but we have steps that may still work.

  1. Set up Airtame on another display that does work and write down the IP address.
  2. Move the Airtame to the screen where it doesn't work.
  3. Open the device management panel using the app.
  4. Select a lower resolution (Like 1920x1080-50).

Computer with discrete GPU

Symptom: You start a stream and one of the following occurs:

  1. All you see is a black screen.
  2. You see your stream but when going into full-screen mode you see a black screen.
  3. You see black boxes covering sections of the screen.

Solution: Your computer is switching its graphics processing from the built-in GPU to the discrete GPU and Airtame application doesn't switch where it is capturing from. Go into your graphics card configuration panel inside "Control panel" or the designated app and set the preferred graphics processor to "Auto-Select".

If it already was at "Auto-Select" and the problem persists, check for an extra tab/section that lets you configure that option per application.
Add the the Airtame application and choose "Integrated Graphics" (not Auto Select).

DRM Copyright Protection

Symptoms: When watching some content on your computer (Netflix, iTunes Movie, Amazon Prime...) your stream disappears and shows a black screen, you may continue hearing the audio from the content.

Solution: Not all browsers detect DRM so using a different web browser can allow for it to be streamed but some services running in their own app like iTunes are unavoidable and cannot be worked-around.


Faulty HDMI

There is always the chance that the Airtame's hardware is broken. In the case of HDMI, this will usually present itself in distorted images instead of a black screen. Please write to support@airtame.com for finding out about replacing the faulty Airtame.

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