Explanation of different product updates

  • Firmware updates: Update only on the device (Current version: Airtame 1 - v 3.5.0; Airtame 2 - v3.5.1).
  • App updates: The Airtame app running on all supported computers (Current version: v 3.4.0 - Windows and macOS only).
  • Cloud updates: Our online cloud platform (learn more).



Want to know what we're currently working on and awesome things to come? Stay tuned here: Airtame roadmap's overview.


Release and changelog: (sorted for latest first)

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Firmware v3.5.1 - Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

  • Support for DFS WiFi channels. 

Firmware v3.5.0 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released April 2019)

🎉 New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

App v3.4.0 (Released 3rd of April 2019; Windows and macOS only)

🎉 New features:

  • Proxy support (Click here to get started)

Firmware v3.4.1 - Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 (Released March 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug that caused black screen.
  • WiFi power saving mode is off (Airtame 2 only)
  • Airplay crashes improvements

Firmware v3.4.0 - Airtame 1 and 2 (Released January 2019)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed bug when update could interfere with Airplay stream.
  • Fixed bug when Airtame could eventually become unreachable and only power cycle would help.
  • Fixed bug when streaming stopped showing frames on Airtame, but played sound.
  • Fixed bug when mDNS discovery stopped working after Airtame name change.
  • Fixed bug when application thought that Airtame is busy but it actually is not .
  • Fixed the bug with PIN code not shown sometimes because of heavy image uploaded to Airtame.

🔧 Others:

  • Time and date setting support (still needs support from App side).
  • mDNS discovery supported on FW side (still needs support from App side).
  • Support for a separate TCP Airtame-receiver which will improve Chromebook streaming experience (still needs support from App side).
  • Security improved — Airtame can no longer be joined through SSH with with standard password, pre-shared key is used now to protect Airtame from getting inside.
  • A lot of refactoring and internal changes.

Cloud: (Released January 2019)

🎉 New features: New Homescreen apps Room Overview and Dropbox Gallery available in Beta.

App v3.3.2 (Released December 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Better support for touch interface (for example Windows Tablet PC's).

Firmware v3.3.1 - Airtame 1 (Released December 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Device sporadically losing settings after upgrade/reboot.
  • Display manager stuck when loading.
  • Reduced streaming quality after changing device settings resolution.
  • Display manager H1-H3 headers are broken.

🔧 Others:

  • New appearance to Homescreen layout and background theme.
  • General performance and stability improvements.

⚠️ HP released an update for some HP laptops affected by Conexant audio driver issue. Learn more information here.

App: v3.3.1 (Released October 2018)

🎉 New features:

  • Streaming audio from Chromebook is now available under "General releases". More information on Chromebook here.

Issues fixed:

  • Windows installer fixes and improvements.
  • For setting up pre 3.1 FW from latest applications. 
  • Notification window bug fixes.

🔧 Others:

  • Application support for Airtame 2.
  • Setup flow improvements.
  • Design improvements.

App: v3.3.0 (Released August 30th. 2018)

Note: This release is only for Windows, macOS and Linux. The Chromebook version will be released later.

🎉 New features: 

  • "Single Window Sharing" for Windows and macOS. 
  • MSCHAPv2 phase 2 authentication options to Advanced network setup.

Issues fixed:

  • Device Setup falls into fallback step while still connecting to Airtame's AP.
  • Realtek Audio Driver Picture Freeze.

🔧 Others:

  • New App and notification UI design.
  • Timezone input in device settings.

Firmware v3.2.4 (Released August 30th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Error screen for Homescreen apps.
  • Receiver change for Chromebook audio (Note: This is not yet available in the Chromebook app).
  • Restart AirPlay receiver when resolution changes.

Airtame Cloud: Homescreen apps in Public Beta (Released June 26th. 2018)

Firmware v3.2.3 (Released June 22nd. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  •  Homescreen App support (Will be introduced to Airtame Cloud).

App v3.2.2 (Released June 19th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Streaming from Chrome OS 65 and above is now supported. VP8 has been implemented to fix this.

Firmware v3.2.2 (Released June 19th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • Fix: Streaming from Chrome OS 65 and above is now supported. VP8 support has been implemented to the receiver. 
  • Safer logic for Cloud component restarting (now it sleeps instead of spamming ZMQ with retries).

Firmware v3.2.1 (Released May 14th. 2018)

Issues fixed:

  • A possible deadlock, which leaves a device unresponsive.
  • A possible race condition, when streaming while upgrading is possible.

🔧 Others:

  • No web cache for the browser.

App v3.2.0 (Released April 24th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • New device setup flows were added (Ethernet setup flow and setup with ad-hoc network).
  • On Chromebook it’s now possible to stream to multiple screens.

Issues fixed:

  • Dot "." is now allowed in Airtame name.
  • Windows Guest App will no longer try to launch on start and show message about Javascript errors.
  • App would sometimes hang when attempting to quit.
  • App still showing "New device available for setup" even after device is setup.
  • App will no longer open after a successful reconnect (in case the stream has  disconnected unintentionally).
  • Sometimes it was impossible to renew password and change settings on password-protected device.
  • Issue when user cannot apply settings or change password on protected device with no Internet connection.
  • Intercom issue when you could not leave chat.

🔧 Others:

  • When using our MSI version it will now no longer check for updates.

Firmware v3.2.0 (Released March 7th 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Homescreen orientation: Show homescreen in vertical/portrait mode OBS: Has to be done through Airtame Cloud and streaming in vertical/portrait is not supported.

Issues fixed:

  • KRACK vulnerability patched.

Cloud: (Released March 7th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Feature: Screenshot of your Airtame Homescreen. Does not show content when people are streaming. (Feature is optional but enabled by default). Learn how it works and security related information here.
  • Edit homescreen orientation to vertical/portrait. OBS: This is only for the homescreen and not supported for streaming.

Issues fixed:

  • Device status not always being correct.

Cloud: (Released January 10th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • You can now manually set timezone for the device. This will mean showing the right time on a dashboard.

App v3.1.1 (Released January 9th. 2018)

🎉 New features: 

  • Improvement: Electron upgrade from 1.7.9 to 1.7.10. This fixes pixel issue on Linux and crashes on macOS High Sierra.

Issues fixed:

  • (Windows): Windows Server that don’t have the WiFi module (WLANAPI), the App would crash at startup.
  • (macOS) Setup flow will not work for Open Network
  • When closing the lid or computer going the sleep, the application disconnect but also focus. It should not be focusing.

App v3.1.0 (Released December 22nd. 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Airplay toggle mode. Learn more here: AirPlay iOS mirroring.
  • Color picker for home screen layout and text. Learn more here.
  • Improvement: Upgrade to electron 1.7.9 (improved update on OS X and tons of other stuff).

Issues fixed:

  • Only one part of the sound icon was clickable to activate audio, now the full icon is clickable.
  • Ubuntu installer was showing the wrong application size (it was showing 156GB instead of 156MB).
  • The email model showing after closing the first intercom conversation through the app would crop the error message if the email in the field was invalid.
  • Diverse style fixes (device name too long, IP hint on two lines, etc…).
  • On macOS, the installation of the audio plugin Soundflower wasn’t working for all cases. Moreover we added extra steps/informations for the user to ensure a higher rate of success.
  • On macOS 10.13, if you install a fresh application, the tray icon was not showing (transparent).
  • Download button (for logs) are still clickable even if they are in downloading state. This gives the ability to the user to spam the device.
  • Cannot disconnect via streaming notification if the user entered something in the search field.

🔧 Others:

  • Application size reduced.
  • Automated for the application are covering around 25% of the code (against 0% before).

Firmware v3.1.0 (Released December 11th 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Color picker changes for Home screen overlay and overlay text (FW side only).
  • AirPlay (Disabled by default - learn more here).
  • Feature: Timezone (FW side only).

🔧 Others:

  • Screenshot component.
  • Update cloud component.
  • Stability bug fixes.
  • Stability improvement: Added limitation for memory usage. (To avoid device becoming unresponsive).

Firmware v3.0.1 (Released in November 2017)

Issues fixed:

  • Fix issue with device losing settings.
  • Quarter screen bug fix (Picture only shoving in lower left corner).
  • Stability bugfixes.
  • Hostname bug.

🔧 Others:

  • Improved Homescreen: More Headers + Italics.
  • Increased TTL: This is to help with discovery for multiple networks. 

App v3.0.1 (Released in November 2017)

🎉 New features: 

  • Add the channels for the AP.
  • Close the lid to disconnect feature (Unavailable on Linux).
  • Prevent the computer to use screen saver while streaming.

Issues fixed:

  • Bruteforce fix to avoid wild scrollbars to appear after closing the lid (especially on OSX).
  • Selecting none for discovery would have no impact from the Application.
  • Update Markup for edit text for H1, H2, H3 and italic text (splash screen update is coming as well).
  • On Chromebook the link to setup airtames is now hidden (feature not available on Chromebook).
  • Small fix when the Password protection field would not show the error message.
  • Small fix to display an error if no image selection was made for device background.
  • Update old device from the new application.

🔧 Others:

  • Splash edit text characters number limit is now 500.
  • Some simple copy update.

Airtame app and firmware v3.0.0 (Released October 2017)

Get the full update including video: Airtame 3.0 Simple to set up, easy to use.

Global Device/App:

  • New settings! You can now manage your device in a more reliable way. (.php thread removed).
  • Advanced network setup with TLS/EAP/PSK.
  • The communication with the device on settings can be protected behind password.
  • Splash screen has been completely rebuilt from the ground - New design, less code, more reliable. 

New setup flows:

  • An easy way to setup your device for first use without having to be an expert.
  • "Manual": In case of issues you can still rely on the stable manual flow that will guide you through the process.

On the streaming side:

  • Color and contrast fixes on Windows and OSX.
  • Improved video capture on Linux.
  • Increased the streaming traffic priority (QoS).
  • Audio fixes on Linux.
  • Audio device selection fix for non-English OS language.
  • Fixed network stats in the log files.
  • Many bug fixes.

Device specific:

  • Increased connectivity logs verbosity.
  • mDNS support for discovery; (not on the application yet).
  • Device won’t lose an IP if it’s name is changed.
  • Lots of bugfixes.  

App specific:

  • Cleaner design.
  • Device management inside the app (We removed web based device management access to address security concerns).
  • During the setup flows (manual and 1-click) the app doesn't hide anymore.
  • Fix on the MSI - the --reset-default wasn't resetting.
  • Fix on Linux: The app was crashing when trying to download the logs for the application.
  • Lots of other bugfixes (device state, pincode, list, scrollbars, reconnect, etc...).


  • Bulk Editing. change many device's settings at once.
  • Bulk update and reboot.


App - v2.4.0 (Released May 2017)

Get the full overview here: App 2.4: Introducing our new MSI for Mass Deployment!

  • New MSI installer for Mass Deployment.
  • Auto-reconnect when unintended streaming get disconnected.
  • Improved streaming: Protocol v2 on the streamer side.
  • Mouse cursor fixes on OSX.
  • Windows 7 loading issue fixed.
  • We updated Electron, expecting better performance and fixed for update on OSX.


Firmware v2.3.0 (Released May 2017)

Get the full update here: Firmware 2.3: Solid improvements under the hood.

  • Updated the 3rd party SW to Fedora 25.
  • Ethernet has higher priority than a WiFi connection. No multiple default gateways anymore.
  • More intelligent default resolution selection. Now the device will try to use a resolution, preferred by a TV.
  • Support of the reconnect feature when Pincode is enabled.
  • Hostname bug (an old name was sometimes seen by DHCP servers) is fixed.
  • Changed the A/V playback strategy which fixes some stream freezes cases.
  • Replaced the audio playback backend, fixing various audio playback issues.


App v2.3.0 (Released February 2017)

Get the full overview here: New App 2.3: Introducing less delay in video mode!

  • Connect via DNS: Let's imagine you don't have discovery and IP sounds complicated to you, then just type the name of the device and connect.
  • The buffer in video mode is decreased to 1s (was 2.5 before).
  • In-app chat: You can now chat with our awesome support via Intercom in the application.
  • Streaming rating: After every streaming session, the application will ask you how would you rate your session.
  • [Windows] Autostart is now deactivated for Portable app.
  • If device busy, the application doesn't ask for the pincode anymore.
  • UI: Refined designed for a lighter look.
  • In manual mode, the sound icon is displayed to allow the user to toggle audio.
  • When connecting to IP, the device name and uuid are queried (and the name is displayed in the UI in place of the IP).
  • Search input focus is now fixed (was loosing focus pretty often before).
  • Search input was losing states when widget was hiding, it is not the case anymore.
  • [Chromebook] You are streaming notification (made by the system) is now behaving properly and closes when the stream stop.
  • Fixed crashed when device were slow to be discovered and streaming.
  • Notification window now display right buffer value.
  • [OSX] Fix buffering animation.
  • Error message when device not compatible with application is now displayed.


  • Fix slightly the performance (network change is faster and more reliable and device discovery slightly faster).
  • Fix mix up of IPs in discovery fixed.


Firmware v2.2.0 (Released January 2017)

Get the full overview here: Airtame 2.2: Probably the best streaming ever for professionals

  • Improved streaming: The new shiny receiver.
  • Updated GPU driver. It’s a major update so we expect a lot of stability improvements.
  • Small bugfixes and improvements.


App v2.2.0 (Released December 2016)

Get the full overview here: Introducing the portable app with Airtame 2.2!

  • Fixes a bunch of crashes that in general will improve the feeling of the app.
  • Portable App for Windows computers without administrator rights.
  • Streaming notification.
  • Now you can favourite devices that you use the most.
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