It is possible to connect Airtame to your network via an Ethernet cable. This connection will generally give you a more reliable performance. 

☝️  Not sure why? Read about the benefits of using Ethernet.


Ethernet Adapter requirements

✅ ASIX AX88772A chipset
✅ Micro USB connector
✅ Native Linux support
✅ 100Mb/s


Setting Up

Plugging in the Ethernet Adapter

  1. Uncover the Ethernet port on the side of Airtame (the one, which is close to the letter E in the word 'AIRTAME').
  2. Plug the micro USB-to-Ethernet adapter into the accessory port, then the Ethernet cable to the router.
  3. Give power to Airtame and wait for it to boot. Once the device has booted, you will be presented with an IP address if the connection was successful ✔️


Completing the setup

This setup is intended for a new device.  If you have already connected Airtame to the same network via WiFi, we recommend either starting fresh with a reset or disconnecting this wifi after the setup.

  1. (Optional) Reset your device.
  2. Hook up the Ethernet connection and wait for an IP address to be shown.
     ☝️ If no IP address comes up on the screen you may need to allow Airtame onto your network or check that the ethernet port on your switch is mapped to a VLAN or write to 
  3. Open Airtame application
  4. Select "Set Up" from green banner in the top of the application
  5. Follow the steps (also available in the gif image below)
  6. Test streaming by opening the App and clicking "Start" or entering the IP address.
  7. If successful, consider disabling Airtames own WiFi APs since they will no longer be needed, or connecting the remaining antenna to your guest WiFi. Both guides are below.
  8. For setting up instructions follow this guide: How to edit Overlay text

Additional Steps (OPTIONAL)

You can further configure your device to get even more use out of it and improve its performance.

1- Connect to your Guest WiFi

Having used a wired (Ethernet) connection, you have the ability to add a second network via WiFi. To do this:

  1. Open the Device Management panel
  2. Scroll down to "Network" and select your guest WiFi
  3. Type in the password for that network.
    ☝️Portal login WiFi's are not yet supported by Airtame
  4. Click "Apply Changes" 

2- Disable the Remaining WiFi AP

Since you can now stream via your ethernet connection, you no longer need Airtame to create its own WiFi. By disabling it you unlock some extra performance and reduce WiFi interference in the room.

  1. Open the Device Management Panel
  2. Click on "Show advanced settings"
  3. Toggle the switches so that both APs (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) are turned off. They should look like this:

🔧  For additional setup examples, please check out this article.


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