This article is for devices running versions before V3.0. If your TV screen does not look like the images below, please click here.

The end goal is to have Airtame connected to your WiFi so that anybody on that WiFi network can stream, wirelessly.

☝️  Click here to setup using an ethernet adapter. Or here for setting up without the app.

Step 1: Installing & Powering Airtame

The first step is to plug Airtame into your TV or projector and power it up.

To power the Airtame, you must plug the USB cable into the Airtame and the power adapter.

You can also power Airtame through your TV/projector’s USB port labeled “5V 1A” or “USB-HDD”. (If it says “service,” however, this will not work.)

👇  Use the provided HDMI extension cord to fit Airtame in tight spots or move around for better WiFi connection. 

Step 2: Connecting to Airtame's WiFi

Turn the TV on to the correct HDMI source and you will be asked to:

  1.  Download and install the Airtame app 
  2. Connect your computer to Airtame’s WiFi. This is in order to apply settings for the first time.

Connecting your computer to Airtame's WiFi

  1. Open your Computer's WiFi menu
  2. Search the list for the WiFi named "Airtame" as shown on the TV screen
  3. Select to connect
  4. Enter the password shown on the TV screen
  5. If you get "incorrect password" on Windows 10, click on “Connect using a security key instead” to enter the Airtame’s password. 
  6. Wait for confirmation to shown on the TV screen
  7. You can expect to see "No internet access" since Airtame doesn't yet have Internet.

Step 3: Configuring Airtame

Now that you are able to communicate with the Airtame device, we can connect it to a WiFi so that others can use it without switching WiFis.

  1. Open the Airtame App
  2. Click the three dots to open the "device management panel"
    ☝️ it will ask to be opened in a web browser.
  3. Give your Airtame a name
  4. Select your WiFi's name and enter its password
  5. Click on "Apply new settings" to finish
  6. You can always return to the "device management panel" to further customize your device or change any settings.

☝️  Your WiFi's name cannot have special characters like ø or å

🔧  Use the 5GHz band over the 2.4GHz band since this will result in better streaming quality. (2) or (5) is shown in brackets after the network name to help distinguish

Step 4: Confirming Setup

Once the settings have been sent to the Airtame, you will see the screen change presenting your Airtame's name and the WiFi's it is connected to.

If you ever need to change any settings, go back to the Device Management Panel.

Step 5: Streaming

Now that the device is set up, go ahead and complete your first stream:

  1. Open the Airtame App
  2. Find your device or enter its IP address
  3. Click "START" for each device you wish to stream to.
  4. When you are done, return to the app and click "Stop" to finish the stream.

Adjusting Settings

You can always continue customizing your device by returning to the device management panel.

  1. Check for updates!
  2. Set a custom background
  3. Configure Airtame's own WiFi
  4. Reset to factory settings


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