Airtame Cloud, used for easy management of one or more Airtame devices, is available at and is completely free.

Current feature set

Airtame Cloud, although in early stages, allows you to remote manage any device from anywhere by creating an https:// encrypted websocket between Airtame and cloud. Currently you can:

  • Check Online/offline/streaming status of each device
  • Manage Airtame settings and bulk-edit
  • Change one or more settings of one or multiple devices
  • Reboot or update remotely
  • View Network connection status (SSID or Ethernet) and RSSI
  • Check IP addresses
  • Check Access point status - enabled/disabled
  • Check Airtame firmware version


Airtame Cloud is free of charge. But some minor network requirements are needed for it to work with your Airtames:

  1. Your Airtames must have internet access. Port: 443
  2. Your Airtames must be able to synchronize their time with either your NTP server or external NTP servers. Port: 123
  3. Your network must allow communication with servers in Germany since is hosted on AWS in Germany.

Create an Airtame Cloud account

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "Create Account"
  3. Fill in credentials.
  4. Look for the account verification email in your inbox.
  5. Now you can sign in and start adding devices!

Add devices to account

  1. Click the "✚ ADD AIRTAME" button
  2. Click the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button or manually copy the token number in the box.
  1. Open the Airtame settings
  2. Paste the Token under "Cloud Token"
  3. Click the "Apply changes" button


Stored Data

When using the Airtame cloud, some information about your devices will be saved. This information includes:

  • Device Settings (Excluding private passwords, images and web URLs)
  • Device Current Status
  • Timestamps of devices online/offline
  • User behavior on cloud platform

☝️ More information about Airtame and security can be found here.


Troubleshooting Airtame Cloud

Some Airtame users have trouble getting their devices to show up inside the cloud platform. therefore, we have created this guide to help you figure out why your devices may not be showing up:

Time issues (NTP)

Airtame and the cloud platform rely on time stamps provided by NTP Servers. The Airtame creates a secure HTTPS connection to our cloud portal, which requires that the certificate of the Cloud can be verified. If the time is incorrect on the device, this certificate seems invalid, which causes the connection to be aborted.

Possible Culprits

  • NTP traffic is blocked
  • NTP is not enabled on the firewall responsible for the Airtames
  • The NTP server is located on another part of the network which is not accessible across VLANs
  • The DHCP does not correctly reflect NTP routing

Possible Solutions

1- Whitelist or allow access to our default NTP servers to be able to send and receive UDP packets on port 123: , , ,

2- Configure your DHCP server to give out a custom NTP server. If you have policies in place which are blocking access to external NTP servers and use your own internal NTP server, it's possible to set it by configuring your DHCP server to also provide that information when clients acquire an IP address. This way, when Airtame connects to the network and gets an IP, it will know that it should use your NTP server.

In order to set it up, you'll need to configure option 42 (NTP) in your DHCP server, with the IP or DNS of your local NTP server.

3- Ensure your Firewall is not blocking NTP traffic.

Country Restrictions 

Some of our users have a country restriction on their network. this means that they cannot access websites from outside of their country. is hosted on Amazon Web Service's servers, specifically Germany. This means that you will need to find a way of Whitelisting or hosting a VPN to an outside location.

If you think you have an issue not related to these possibilities, please download your device's log files and send them to with a short description.


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