⚠️ Samsung galaxy models do not work properly with the Airtame App

☝️ For full iOS screen sharing, enable and use Airplay from inside the Airtame device settings.

If your Airtame firmware is on the V2.4.X (shows on the lower right of your TV screen), iOS and Android devices are not able to stream to Airtame when the Pin Code feature is enabled. 

Since the firmware V3.0 the option to bypass the Pin Code when streaming from mobile devices is available in the Device management panel. If you  would like to use Pin Code Connect for users with computers and let mobile users also be able to stream to Airtame bypassing the Pin code, make sure your Airtame is updated and turn on both the Pin Code Connect and Pin Code Override features: 

To turn on or off the Pin Code and Pin Code Override feature:

  1. Access Device Management
  2. Click 'Show Advanced Settings'
  3. Here you can toggle "Pin Code Connect" and ''Pin Code Override'' on and off.

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