All MAC addresses can be found by opening "Airtame settings" from within the Airtame app or via Airtame Cloud or on the sticker on the Airtame ethernet adapter. Airtame 2 MAC address can be found on the packaging as well.


Airtame 2 MAC address

Thanks to the Airtame 2's new wireless chip it only uses 1 MAC address for all of its wireless network interfaces. You can find it on the Airtame box or on the bottom of the device (under Magnetic Wall Mount).

If you are using an Ethernet adapter you will need to locate a separate MAC address. It can be found on a label on the Ethernet adapter itself. You can also find it in the Airtame Cloud + App. 


Airtame 1 MAC addresses

Airtame 1 has MAC addresses for both it's 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi and the ethernet connection, in case you use an Ethernet adapter. When using MAC addresses to set a static IP, you'll need to use the MAC address of the interface connecting to your network, for example, if your Airtame is connected to your network using its 5GHz WiFi, then you'll need to make your IP reservation using the MAC address for the 5GHz WiFi. 


From Airtame App

We can see the MAC address listed under the options to enable each WiFi as a hotspot. You can identify which one is connected to a network because the toggle to turn it on as a hotspot is grayed out.


From Airtame Cloud

You can tell which WiFi is being used because its on/off switch will be grayed out. This is because it cannot be enabled as a hotspot when it is already being used to connect to a network

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