When using the Airgroup functionality on Aruba Wireless controllers, an Airtame service tag needs to be added for the automatic discovery to work.

Note: If your network has only one VLAN, simply disable Airgroup and it will work.

Aruba support may mention that the service ID ‘airtame:recv’ is invalid, this is true but is legacy. However, Airtame also uses a valid service ID written below 

Steps for Airgroup:

  1. Open the Aruba controller
  2. Open up "services" by clicking "more" in the top-right corner
  3. Add a new AirGroup service called "Airtame"
  4. Create a new Service ID with the string:
  5. Create a second new Service ID with the string:
  6. Enable airtame service with a checkmark
  7. Save settings
  8. For Airplay, you'll need to "enable bonjour" and "enable guest bonjour multicast"  with a checkmark.
  9. Click "OK". The final result should look like this:

10. In some cases, antivirus software breaks SSDP discovery. Also, Windows users may need to disable the SSDP service running on Windows. Do this by searching windows for "services">SSDP>Set to "Manual">stop the service from running> lastly, restart the Airtame app.

Example missing step #5


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