When using the Airgroup functionality on Aruba Wireless controllers, and Airtame service tag needs to be added for the automatic discovery to work.

Note: If your network has only one VLAN, simply disable Airgroup and it will work.

Aruba support may mention that the service ID ‘airtame:recv’ is invalid, this is true but is legacy. However, Airtame also uses a valid service ID written below 

Steps for Airgroup

  1. Open the Aruba controller.

  2. Open up "services" by clicking "more" in the top-right corner.

  3. Add a new AirGroup service called "Airtame".

  4. Create a new Service ID (SSDP) with the string:

  5. Create a second new Service ID (mDNS) with the string:

  6. Create a third new Service ID (Miracast over Infrastructure) with the string:

  7. Enable Airtame service with a checkmark.

  8. Save settings.

  9. For Airplay, you'll need to "enable bonjour" and "enable guest bonjour multicast"  with a checkmark.

  10. Click "OK". The final result should look like this:

In some cases, antivirus software breaks SSDP discovery. Also, Windows users may need to disable the SSDP service running on Windows. Do this by searching windows for "services">SSDP>Set to "Manual">stop the service from running> lastly, restart the Airtame app.

  • Example missing step #5

  • Aruba Central & single VLAN

In the case of using Aruba Central, ArubaGroup can be enabled at the Group level and at the virtual controller, make sure both configurations are the same. If you have a single VLAN, then ArubaGroup needs to be disabled both at the Group level and at the Virtual Controller level.

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