This method only works with devices on the older firmware versions prior to v3.0. It can be used with any WiFi device on any platform, including mobile devices using iOS and Android.

Step 1

Download the latest version of the app at


Step 2

Plug Airtame into your TV and Connect your computer, or mobile device, to Airtame's WiFi network. The WiFi name and password is displayed on the TV screen Airtame is plugged in to.

☝️ You can expect to see "No internet access" when you connect to Airtame's network. That’s because Airtame doesn’t provide Internet on its own.


Step 3

Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) and type in - this is the default IP address when you're connected directly to Airtame.


Step 4

Type in the name you would like your Airtame to have, select your WiFi network in the drop-down list and fill in the password for that WiFi network. Finish up by clicking "Apply New Settings".

🔧 You can further configure your Airtame by accessing its Device Management panel.


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