For configuring settings, you can connect both an Airtame 1 or Airtame 2 directly to a Mac computer using a micro-USB-to-USB cable. This can be used both for initially setting up the Airtame or to update the settings.

Note that this is only possible on macOS.

This may be particularly useful when configuring many Airtames, as you don't need an external display to set it up.

Learn more about deploying many Airtames at once:


How to setup Airtame using a USB: 

1. Connect your Airtame 1 or Airtame 2 to you Mac computer using a micro-USB-to-USB cable.

2. Power up Airtame: For Airtame 1, not additional power is needed as this is done via the Mac computer. For Airtame 2, you will need to use the included Aircord.

3. Open the Airtame app and after approximately 1 minute, once Airtame has finished booting up, you will see the Airtame appear among available devices.

4. Hover the mouse over the Airtame and click on "Settings". Lean more: Airtame device settings

5. You can now configure your Airtame including: 

  • Connecting it to your WiFi under the setting "Network"
  • Naming your Airtame device
  • Connect Airtame to Airtame Cloud

6. Once done, install Airtame on your TV/Projector, wait for it to connect to the network and continue doing further recommended configurations like:

  • Connecting to the cloud via Airtame Cloud cloud token
  • Updating the device to the latest firmware version.
  • Disabling Airtame's own AP's to avoid extra interference
  • Locking the settings panel.

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If you are facing technical issues, remember to send also your Airtame device logs.

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