The quality and delay of a stream to Airtame, lag/latency, artifacts or disconnects, can can be the result of other components not performing well enough to handle real-time streaming:

  1. Network performance.
  2. WiFi Range & signal strength
  3. Computer performance.
  4. Airtame performance

👇 Initial steps for a quick win:

Before getting started we should cover the basics to make sure nothing simple is causing the issue:

  1. Ensure your equipment meets the minimum requirements
  2. Check that the Airtame app on your computer and the firmware on the Airtame device are both updated
  3. Reboot your Airtame
  4. Reboot your computer
  5. Connect power if using a laptop. On Windows ensure that no power saving mode is enabled
  6. Ensure the Airtame is getting enough power via included power adapter
  7. Ensure that no programs are running on your PC that over consumes CPU or network
  8. If you have applied many updates in the past without resetting your Airtame (Airtame 1 or Airtame 2), it may be the only step you need to take!


 ✔ Secondary steps:

Now that we have checked all the basics, we will check each component used for streaming.

📡 WiFi related issues

The first is to get an idea of how your Airtame is setup in your environment:

  1. Is it on its own network or part of another network? Other device's network traffic can disrupt the constant stream.
  2. Is the device hiding behind WiFi blockers? Water and metal can block WiFi signal so achieving direct line of sight between an access point and Airtame is the best setup. 

To test and improve your WiFi network, go through this detailed check list.

  1. Check if the network connection is causing problems by following the "Ping" guide that is included in the above linked checklist.
  2. Restart your PC or close all other programs to check if these are interfering.
  3. Try to connect directly to the Airtame WiFi network to check if that's better.
  4. In addition to the checklist, look into the options for a recommended network setup.
  5. Check that your computer or router doesn't have any power saving settings enabled. This will potentially reduce the throughput rate or increase network latency.

🎯 If WiFi issues are not possible to fix - it would be recommend to use Ethernet adapter or Airtame PoE Adapter to eliminate all the wireless network issues.

💻 Computer related issues

If you are using an older computer this can easily be the reason for experiencing delay when streaming. You can also check if your computer doesn't have any power saving settings enabled. But many other factors can actually add delay on even the newest state-of-the-art PC when, for example, other programs or the PC manufacturer interferes with network performance. 

Resolve checklist:

  • Open "Task Manager" on Windows or "Activity Monitor" on Mac and check how much CPU % is being used. If your computer is consuming 90-100% when streaming this will reduce the streaming experience and potentially add delay.
  • Try closing all other programs or restart your computer to check if other programs are affecting the streaming. Continuous synchronizing programs like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive can hog the network connection.
  • On Windows Choose another "Power Mode". This can cause up to 2 seconds of delay when using "Battery Saving" or modes configured by the computer brand of the PC.
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