Some users would like to have the same IP address assigned to their Airtame every time it is connected to a specific network. Airtame doesn't yet have this setting built in so for now you will need to make the IP reservation in your DHCP server.


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What you'll need

  1. Access to the Network's configuration panel. Usually accessed through the IP or find your router here.

  2. The MAC address of the specific Airtame 1 AP (2.4GHz of 5GHz) used to connect to the network's access point. (Airtame 2 has a unified MAC address)

  3. The desired, available, IP address.

The steps

  1. Connect to your network

  2. Open your network preferences panel by typing your router's IP. Find yours here - the same link as the above. 

  3. Look for an option with keywords like "Assign" "IP" & "DHCP"

  4. Write an IP of your choice and Airtame's MAC address you found earlier

  5. Save all settings 

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