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Airtame app overview

Streaming your computer screen works the same on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Simply follow the on-screen instructions:

1. Connect to the same WiFi as Airtame (Shown on the TV or Projector).

2. Download and open the Airtame app
3. Find the screen's name, or type it's IP address shown on the Airtame homescreen.
4. Select Share screen or Share Window.
5. To add sound, click on the speaker icon in the app.


Additional options

Streaming with Audio

To stream with audio, click on the speaker icon to add sound. 

  • This will enable audio and increase the stream quality while adding a 1-second buffer to ensure fluent playback.
  • Have issues streaming with sound? Visit this article: Troubleshooting sound


Single Window Sharing

Select between presenting the entire screen or a selected window:

Learn more about this feature. Article: Single Window Sharing

Streaming notification

When streaming, a window like below will show on your screen to remind you that you are streaming and lets you control the ongoing stream:

  • The window can be moved around on the screen or minimized.
  • You can enable or disable it by going to the app settings.


Pin Code Connect

This feature ensures that only users in the room watching the screen can connect and start streaming.

  • When enabled, the Airtame app will ask for a 4-digit code that is shown on the Airtame homescreen. A new code is generated each time.
  • You can enable Pin code connect through the Airtame's advanced settings


Automatic Reconnect

If you ever get disconnected, the Airtame app will try to automatically reconnect your stream for the next 10 seconds. 

If you don’t want to connect the stream again, just click the "Stop" button to cancel the reconnect. 



I am seeing "Couldn't Connect to Airtame"?

  • You are probably not connected to the WiFi where Airtame is available. Check the TV screen to see what WiFi you should be connected to.
  • Airtame device is offline and not available for connection
  • Ask your Airtame administrator to ensure the connection between the computer and Airtame is still possible.
  • Your Airtame may have been put on another network where the connection is not possible.

I don't see where to open the app?

  • On Windows: The app shows as a small icon in your "Menu Bar"/"Tray". Sometimes it can be in the "Extras" section represented by an upward arrow ˄. in this case, we recommend dragging the icon to the main "Menu Bar"
  • On macOS: The app shows as a small icon in the "Menu bar", next to the clock, battery life, etc. 


Learn more

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box in the lower right hand corner or send an email to and we will be here to assist you.

If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

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