What does the "Micro USB to Ethernet adapter" do?

It plugs into the Airtame and allows the device to be hardwired into your network via an ethernet cable.
Note: This is typically referred to as a hardwired or LAN connection. 


Why use Ethernet?

Stability: WiFi signals sometimes lose data because of external blockers and interference. 

Transfer speed: The process of transmitting data wirelessly takes more time than using cables since signals need to be transferred in the air and, if there is a loss of data, retransmitted. Therefore it will always add a bit more latency when streaming than when using cables.

Note that it is worth mentioning that the Ethernet connection only helps with the connection from Airtame to the router and not from the router to the Computer.

Extra setup possibilities: This is especially relevant for organizations with multiple networks. Airtame can handle one wired connection and one WiFi connection.

For example, Internal Network (Wired) + Guest network (WiFi) will allow users from both networks to stream to one device. For more read here.

Minimize interference: All sort of devices uses WiFi and they all interfere with each other and can cause connections to be unstable. With Airtame hardwired the customer can disable the WiFi to minimize active WiFis on their network. 

Security: Having a wired solution minimized the possibility of a security breach.

Where to get an adapter from?

A compatible ethernet adapter can be purchased from www.airtame.com or independently. If you chose to buy a non-airtame adapter, make sure it meets these requirements:

ASIX AX88772A chipset
Micro USB connector
Native Linux support

Airtame and PoE

PoE stands for "Power over Ethernet" and allows for both Internet and power to run through a single cable. 

  • Please note if you want to use Airtame 1 with a PoE solution you also need to use an Ethernet adapter. So you will need: an Airtame + Ethernet adapter + PoE adapter + Ethernet cable.

  • Airtame 2 has its own POE adapter which is available for sale on our web shop. Learn about the device here and the tech specs here.  


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