Latency (also known as "lag") is the delay that you will experience whilst interacting with a streaming system. Airtame is made for screen sharing and is not intended to replace your PC's main screen. 

Short answer: 

  • Normal: 0,4s-0,8s

  • With Audio: 1s

Long answer: Latency is a difficult issue. There are 5 factors that affect the overall latency. Some of them can be controlled by us, but some can’t.

  1. There is a latency associated with the capture of the screen. (Computer performance)

  2. There is a latency for encoding the captured screen. (Computer performance)

  3. There is a given network latency, which can vary quite a lot depending on the quality of your network. (Network Performance)

  4. There is a latency for decoding the received image. (Airtame Performance)

  5. There is a latency for displaying it on the screen. (Airtame Performance)

Since the hardware inside of the Airtame dongle is given, we can estimate the latency of the decode and display pretty closely, however, the other 3 latencies are outside of our control. So, depending on what kind of hardware you have, your capture and encode latencies, together with network quality, can increase variation in latency.

Based on research, we can say that around 100ms is acceptable for normal use. For some users, even this small amount of delay is enough to make using the mouse on the streamed screen difficult because of the amount of time between the action and reaction of navigating the mouse cursor.

What to do about it?

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