If you think that your device is broken because it won't turn on, doesn't show a picture, or the device keeps rebooting then follow this guide:

☝️  Scenarios

  1. The light does turn on but no picture is seen. Continue to "Troubleshooting No Image" section.
  2. The light is constant when plugged in. 
  3. The light does NOT turn on with power.
  4. My device keeps rebooting. The device must not be getting sufficient power. Find a USB-port that can provide 1 Amp or use the provided power adapter.

✔️  Checklist (Before starting)

  1. I am plugging the device into a USB power source with 1 Amp of power. Maybe try some different USB ports on the TV. "Service" USB ports will not work.
  2. I am plugging the power cable into the correct port; the port on the left edge of the device towards the letter A of the word "Airtame" printed on the device.

⚠️  Troubleshooting a Dead Device (No Light)

  1. Try a different USB cable
  2. Try a different USB port
  3. Try the power adapter included in the box.
  4. Peel off the back casing of the device and check that the SD card is placed correctly and that the frame is locked into place.

    ☝️If you have a working Airtame device try to switch SD cards between them - let us know if switching SD card helps and we can send you a new one.
  5. Advanced: Try re-flashing the firmware to your device. Windows / OS X
  6. Shake the device to see if you can hear rattling. If it is rattling check to see if the USB plug has come loose.

⚠️  Troubleshooting No Image

  1. Try removing and adding power to the device while it is plugged into the screen's HDMI, making sure the screen is turned on.
  2. If you have access to the device's settings, try setting a resolution.
  3. Remove any screen adapters.
  4. Test the device on another screen.
  5. Try resetting the device while plugged into power and HDMI.
  6. Check this article for more information: Homescreen not loading

If your device is still not responding, reach out to our support team on support@airtame.com

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