When you start a stream with Airtame, audio is disabled by default to minimize latency. For smooth and synchronized audio and video, you must enable audio by clicking on the audio icon (which appears after you start streaming). Alternatively, you can set your own parameters using manual mode in the app settings, but please be aware that this option doesn't always provide the best streaming quality.

1. Key facts

  • A stable network with good reception is the most important factor for a good stream

  • Streaming with sound OFF: 400 - 800 milliseconds latency (1-5Mbit/s bandwidth)

  • Streaming with sound ON: 1-second set latency (5-13Mbit/s bandwidth)

  • Streaming with highest quality settings in manual mode: Determined by the computer and network performance (up to 15Mbit/s Bandwidth) 


2. Streaming modes

1. Default mode

This is the default streaming mode for basic screen sharing. It ensures minimum delay at the cost of quality, fps, and possibly skipping frames lost in transmission.

  • Main priority: Minimum delay between the computer screen and Airtame's screen.

  • When to use: Everything that doesn't require audio, like showing work being done, presentations, images, and documents.

  • Stream parameters: Quality: 2/5 (medium), fps: 20.

  • Disadvantages:  Does not recover lost frames, does not transmit audio, slightly lower picture quality.


2. With sound - video mode

This mode is enabled by clicking the audio button in the app. It adds audio, a 1-second buffer, and increases the quality and fps of your stream.

  • Main priority: Better video quality, fluid playback, and audio-video synchronization.

  • When to use: Streaming content with sound.

  • Stream parameters: Quality: 3/5 (Higher), fps: 24.

  • Disadvantages:  Set buffer of 1 second, the TV picture will be 1 second behind your computer's screen.

If audio does not play from the Airtame-equipped display when clicking the icon, please try to manually select a resolution that supports audio.


3. Manual mode 

️ This mode helps customize streaming preferences but can cause a worse stream.

You can enable this mode by going to the app preferences → toggle on manual mode. Use it to set the best streaming parameters for your computer and network.

  • Main priority: Flexibility resulting in maximum quality (5/5).

  • When to use: When higher-quality streaming is needed and both the network and the computer allow it.

  • Streaming parameters: Manually adjustable.

  • Disadvantages:  Highly dependent on the computer performance and network stability. Can give worse results than default or video mode.

3. The three pillars of streaming

The latency and quality of the stream rely on three pillars. They are responsible for different parts of the process, with the WiFi network being the most common reason for added latency, and this is why we always recommend using an Ethernet connection whenever possible.

Your computer

  • This is where screen capturing takes place, along with compressing and sending the frames to the device.

  • A slow computer means it will be slow at capturing the screen, resulting in additional latency.

  • An overloaded computer means it won't have enough remaining power to perform well, resulting in additional latency.

  • Other apps can hog a computer's network bandwidth, meaning that other apps like cloud storage can consume all of your bandwidth leaving none for streaming to Airtame.


Your network

  • This is the most common weakness in the streaming process.

  • Without the network, your computer and Airtame cannot communicate.

  • Your Wi-Fi signal strength and range are essential for a stable connection.

  • If frames get lost over the network, Airtame will need to recover them (video mode) or go on without showing them (instant mode).



  • The device is responsible for receiving the frames, decompressing them and showing them on the TV/projector screen.

  • In the case of Airtame 2, make sure you are following the setup instructions using the Aircord (as the device won't work with non-Airtame accessories). For Airtame 1, without sufficient power from the display's USB, the device will reboot or perform badly. In this case please use the AC adapter that came in the box.

  • Electronics work best as soon as they have booted, rebooting can solve issues and give the best performance.

  • Bad placement behind the TV can block the WiFi signal. Place the device as close to the edge of line-of-sight with the WiFi antenna.

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