What you need to know

  • Change the background by uploading a custom image or copying a web URL.
  • Customize the Overlay Guide: Adjust text, format, and color
  • Set Airtame Homescreen to show in portrait mode. 
  • Use Airtame for Digital Signage using Airtame Cloud Apps


Set an Image

Appropriate for branding, showing stock images or company logos. The image should have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and cannot exceed 2MB.

Set a Website URL


  • Java, Flash, Silverlight, and WebGL are not supported
  • Websites that require a login are not yet supported.

Learn how: Homescreen app: Website

Change The Homescreen Overlay

Airtame Homescreen can have four different overlays. The options are illustrated here:

You can also select "None" to completely hide the Overlay guide

Editable options includes:

  • Overlay layout
  • Overlay guide text
  • Color of the Overlay layout and text. You can also choose transparent.

Learn all about customizing for your needs: How to edit Airtame's overlay 


Change the Homescreen Orientation

Set orientation of your Homescreen to either landscape or portrait mode. 

Please go here to learn more: 🖥  Homescreen


Airtame Cloud: Homescreen

With our latest update to Airtame Cloud, you can get a visual overview of the content on all your Airtames' Homescreen. Learn how to manage and monitor your
dashboards from Airtame Cloud here: 🖥 Homescreen - Airtame for Digital Signage


Airtame as a Digital Signage solution

Airtame Cloud apps:

Integrate Airtame with applications such as Website, World Clock, Google Slides, Trello, and Unsplash. Learn more here.

Disable discovery

If you would like to use Airtame as a digital signage device only and would not like it to be easily discoverable on your network, you can disable Airtame device discovery: 

This way Airtame devices will not be visible in the Airtame app and will only be discoverable if you type in its IP address. 


👉 Learn more

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