What you need to know

🎯 You can change the background shown when the device isn't being streamed to by uploading a custom image, copying a web URL or using the apps available on airtame.cloud
🎯 You can change the layout: Guide, Guide Left, Minimal or none.
🎯 Change the text shown on the screen, its color and the section color.

Change the Content

Show Images

Appropriate for branding, showing stock images or company logos. The image should have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and cannot exceed 2MB.

☝️ The "Guide left" layout takes up 1/4 of the screen.

Show Websites

Show company KPI metrics, meeting room agendas, slideshows, presentations, and much more.

  • Java, Flash, Silverlight, and WebGL are not supported
  • Websites that require a login are not yet supported, due to lack of ways to provide input.

Limitations for video playback:

  • Audio is enabled by default and there is no way to turn it off without muting the TV.
  • Video playback quality and frame rate will depend on the version of the hardware, the connection to the internet and the connection to the relevant servers where content is stored. Maximum obtainable frame rates are approx. 30 FPS@1080p for Airtame 1 and 60FPS@1080p for Airtame 2
  • Video quality also depends on bandwidth and stability of the Airtame's internet connection.
  • YouTube (or other video players') algorithm for controlling video quality will also have an impact. YouTube might be hardcoded to run 720p to ensure stability.
  • If the video is “interrupted” (e.g. after a reboot or a live presentation), it would then play from the beginning.

Change The Homescreen Layout

Airtame's homescreen can have four different overlays depending on the purpose of the screen. You can fully edit Guide left and Guide by changing the text, color, and transparency of the different overlay layouts.

  • Guide left: By default, this layout will show a 3-step guide to help new users get streaming with Airtame. 
  • Guide: Here, you can see the same information as in Guide Left, however, in a more concise manner.
  • Minimal: This layout will show the name of your Airtame device and its IP address.
  • None: No layout is shown on the screen.

Change The Homescreen Overlay Text

You can fully customize the text shown on the homescreen. This can be useful for adding your organization name, show relevant network information, have a tailored welcome message, and many more things.

You can find a comprehensive guide on how to do so, as well as some examples you can copy here.

Change The Color of Airtame's Overlay And Text

Since Firmware v3.1.0 - you can manually change the color and transparency of the Home screen overlay and text. You can do it in Airtame Cloud by clicking Edit Overlay text which will then expand, revealing the following:

Change the Homescreen Orientation

Set orientation of your Homescreen to landscape or portrait mode. This options is only possibly through Airtame Cloud. 

Please go here to learn more: 🖥  Homescreen

Airtame Cloud: Homescreen

With our latest update to Airtame Cloud you can now get a visual overview of the content on all your Airtames' Homescreen. Learn how to manage and monitor your
dashboards from Airtame Cloud here: 

🖥 Homescreen - Airtame for Digital Signage

Homescreen Apps

Use Airtame Cloud to easily integrate Airtame with applications such as Website, World Clock, Google Slides, Trello, and Unsplash. Learn more here.

Airtame as a Digital Signage device only

If you would like to use Airtame as a digital signage device only and would not like it to be easily discoverable on your network, you can disable Airtame device discovery: 

  This way device will not be visible in the application and will only be discoverable if you type in its IP address. 

👉 Learn more

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