Each device has its own device settings panel since each device can have different configurations. These configurations are separate from app preferences.


Key Facts

  • Device Settings is where you change any settings of an individual device.
  • You can access it through the Airtame app or through Airtame Cloud.
  • Setting up an Airtame is giving it a name and connecting it to a network.


How to access Airtame Device Settings

Method 1: Using the Airtame app

  1. Make sure your PC can communicate with the Airtame by connecting your computer to the same network Airtame is connected to. (Or the WiFi it is creating)
  2. Open the Airtame app.
    If your device is not listed try typing its IP address or using Airtame Cloud.
  3. Click on Settings, below the name of your Airtame.

Note: You cannot access the device settings if you are streaming to the device, and if you are using a mobile device, tablet or a Chromebook.

Method 2: Using Airtame Cloud

  1. Login to your Airtame Cloud account. ☝️ To setup a cloud account click here.
  2. Find the device(s) you wish to manage.
  3. Press "Edit" and make adjustments.
  4. Click "Apply Changes".


What can Device Settings do?

🔧 Setup

  • Change the name of your device
  • Connect Airtame to an existing WiFi network
  • Change settings of Airtame's own WiFi network (for direct connections) 
  • Select which antenna (2,4 GHz or 5 GHz) to use for different connections
  • Set a password for Airtame's WiFi
  • Enable/Disable WiFi forwarding (Routing network access to Airtame's own WiFi)
  • Decide if you want to show the name of Airtame's AP on the Homescreen Overlay or not.
  • Manually setup Timezone that Airtame device is in.

📺 Display

  • Set the Homescreen Overlay (Guide, Guide left, Minimal, None)
  • Select Homescreen Background (default image, custom image, URL/Dashboard)
  • Override your WiFi's SSID name which is visible for users
  • Name the Ethernet connection, usually the WiFi SSID which routes to this ethernet connection to show users what WiFi to use for streaming

⚙️ Settings

  • Disable or enable the blue LED light on the Airtame device
  • Disable or enable PIN code connect, used to prevent streaming from outside of the room
  • Manually override the HDMI output resolution
  • Enter the "cloud token" in order to add a device to Airtame.cloud
  • Reboot the device

⬆️ Updates

  • Update the device to GA or Beta release of Airtame firmware
  • Disable or enable automatic updates (If enabled, the device will automatically update after being idle for 15min).

📄 Report

🔐 Security

  • Add a password in order to lock the Device Settings panel. This way only users with the password will be able to change device settings. For more details, please check out Airtame & Security.

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