Being a business product, security concerns are expected when using a product like Airtame. Bellow, you will find the answer to commonly asked security questions.

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Cyber Security

Is the stream Encrypted?

No, but it is encrypted by your WiFi, which means an attacker would first need to hack into your network and also reverse engineer Airtame's Streaming protocol before they could see anything. Also, when you stream using Airtame, the video feed of your screen never leaves your network, this means that it will never be on the internet. Additionally, Airtame will not collect or store any information regarding the content of the stream. Extend security by using our most recommended setup.


What stops someone streaming without permission?

"PIN Code" is a feature of Airtame that helps prevent accidental or malicious streams from other rooms. By showing a random four digit code on the screen during the start of each new stream which must be typed into the app, the user will need to be inside the room or within sight of the display for them to be able to start a stream.


Can Airtame bridge its WiFi and Ethernet connections?

Airtame supports two networks on one device. One is via Ethernet and other via WiFi. Usually, the Internal network is connected via Ethernet and Guest via WiFi. These two interfaces are handled separately by the firmware logic and routing tables and therefore cannot be bridged.


Can I lock the device's settings? Or prevent someone changing the configuration?

Airtame's settings panel can be locked with a password from within the device's settings. When applying settings, HTTPS encryption is used between the managing computer and the Airtame being managed. 


How secure is Airtame Cloud?

Airtame Cloud sends information over the internet so extra security measures are taken to ensure no information is ever at risk. Even though sensitive information like passwords and web URLs are never sent to the cloud.

The Airtame cloud solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is recognized for its high level of security. Airtame uses an AWS datacenter in Germany. User account information and passwords are stored on the server and are bcrypt-hashed for maximum security. 

All communication between a user's device, Cloud portal, and Airtame devices are TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted. Communication between the airtame device and Cloud Portal uses standard WebSocket communication established by the device.

The information sent about an Airtame device is restricted to non-sensitive information like basic device settings, which means that no passwords are ever sent over the internet.

More information can be found here: Airtame Cloud Security


What about the Digital signage apps images sent to Airtame cloud?

For those users wanting to use the "Screens" feature where one can get an overview of their Airtame's home screens. There are some additional facts to lay out about what happens with the images captured of a device's homescreen:

  • Images are only sent to cloud accounts that have enabled Digital signage apps.
  • You can disable sharing images of a devices homescreen per-device.
  • The images are stored in AWS.
  • Each Image sent is stored for one minute then deleted permanently .


Airtame 2

Airtame 2 is equipped with different physical security features:

Kensington lock slot gives a possibility to secure device in classrooms or big meeting rooms with ease. Our partners are bundling Airtame with this model of Kensington lock: Microsaver 2.0


Airtame 1

Due to Airtames' small form factor, it can easily be hidden behind any screen. Extra precautions can be made since Airtame is too small for a Kensington lock.

Please note, the examples below are user suggestions, so we advise you to use them at your own risk. We cannot guarantee your Airtame’s safety, and cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused to your Airtame by following these suggestions.


Hiding the Airtame

Airtame is relatively small and easy to keep out of sight. With the addition of an Ethernet connection and a Female-Female HDMI adapter you are able to place the Airtame on the end of an HDMI cable which goes out of reach of any thieves, Like above ceiling panels.


Locking the Airtame

A few Airtame users have experimented with methods to lock down their units:

1. Create a case for your Airtame

2. Stick a lock grip to your Airtame using an Epoxy or a similarly strong adhesive

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