Airtame Cloud Plus is a premium version of our Airtame Cloud platform, that enables more advanced Screen Management functionality and digital signage and helps our customers — whether they are schools, large enterprises or smaller businesses — transform offices, classrooms, and common areas with their screens.

Q: What are the benefits of Airtame Cloud Plus?

A: Airtame Cloud Plus provides our users with an overview of what is shown on their Airtame equipped screens, as well as the possibility to set up digital signage content via our numerous integrations (ex. PowerPoint, Google Slides, Youtube, etc.). It also provides access to Sleep Schedule, which helps save power used by the Airtame device and the display screen it is connected to.

Along with these features, the Airtame Cloud Plus provides more advanced screen and device management, helps with troubleshooting potential issues, as well as provides reactive value with digital signage integrations.

Our digital signage apps/integrations:

When your Airtame device is not being used for screen sharing, you can use these integrations and organize them in a continuous loop (Looped content) or scheduled for a precise day and time (Scheduled content).

It also provides you with access to the Sleep Schedule, which allows your Airtame devices to go to a standby mode when not being used or to schedule when the Airtame and the display will turn on/off via CEC.

Q: What are the different Cloud roles on Airtame Cloud?

A: You can make full use of Airtame Cloud Plus and delegate different user permissions based on roles within an organization or school.

Assigning user roles is a way to effectively manage such permissions. Here’s a breakdown of the different levels of access tied to each role:

  • Owner: This role automatically belongs to the person/email address that set up the account. At any given time there can only be one owner. However, you can pass on ownership to someone else. This role is the only one that can purchase and cancel Cloud Plus subscriptions. Along with the administrator, the owner can add/remove specific devices from the Cloud Plus functionality.

  • Administrator: This role gives full access to all functionality of Airtame Cloud, including being able to invite new users and edit user roles, as well as to create new groups of devices and add/remove specific devices from the Cloud Plus functionality. The difference from an owner is that an administrator can't delete users or pass on account ownership.

  • Content Manager: This role gives full access to Screens tab only in order to manage digital signage content. Managers cannot invite other users, assign user roles or create new groups.

  • Device and content Manager: This role gives full access to the Screens tab and device settings in order to manage both digital signage content and edit the devices' configurations. Managers cannot invite other users, assign user roles or create new groups.

  • Moderator: This role gives access to streaming moderation only. Moderators cannot invite other users, assign user roles or create new groups.

You can find more information about these roles, how to invite/delete users or change ownership in our article about managing your account.

Q: Can I copy the digital signage configuration from one device to the other?

A: To make the deployment of digital signage easier, you can use the option to copy the digital signage configuration from one Airtame device to another.

By clicking on the drop-down menu, you can choose one of the devices on the list or you can use the search function to search for a specific Airtame device.

Find more information about this in our article about getting started with Airtame Cloud.

Q: How does the pricing of Airtame Cloud Plus work?

A: There are different pricing plans available, which mainly depend if the subscription is yearly or monthly, and on the number of seats purchased.

Regarding volume pricing, please contact our sales team directly. If you would like to have more general information about the pricing, you can find that on our pricing page.

Q: How can I purchase Airtame Cloud Plus seats?

A: OPTION 1 - via credit card

The first option is to go to the Screens tab and follow this link 'Upgrade to Airtame Cloud Plus' or through the bottom left corner tab, in Plan & Billing. Please note that it is only the Cloud organization owner who can purchase seats and this message will be greyed out for users with other roles.

A: OPTION 2 - via invoice

The second option is to contact our Sales department and get in touch with one of our Account Managers. This is a great way if you would like to pay via an invoice.

Find more information about purchasing Airtame Cloud Plus seats.

Q: Is the Airtame Cloud secure?

A: Airtame Cloud sends information over the Internet, so extra security measures are taken to ensure no information is ever at risk. Even though sensitive information like passwords and web URLs are never sent to the cloud.

The Airtame Cloud solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is recognized for its high level of security. Airtame uses an AWS data center in Germany. User account information and passwords are stored on the server and are bcrypt-hashed for maximum security. You can read more information about this in our article about Airtame and security.

Q: What configuration needs to be done to allow Cloud Plus features to work?

A: After purchasing the Airtame Cloud Plus subscription, you would need to make sure that your Airtame devices are assigned their subscription seats.

In other words, you need to assign which of your Airtame devices have access to Airtame Cloud Plus features. In this article here, you can learn how to assign devices to your Airtame Cloud Plus seats.

Some network requirements are needed for the Airtame Cloud to work with your Airtame devices:

  1. Internet access - port: 443.

  2. Be able to synchronize time with either your NTP server (option 42 on your DHCP server) or external NTP servers (port: 123).

  3. Your network must allow communication with servers in Germany since is hosted on AWS in Germany.

  4. The network follows our port requirements and has a good signal strength where the Airtame is located.

  5. You must use a unique cloud token for each Airtame device, refresh the token for each new Airtame added.

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box in the lower right-hand corner or send an email to [email protected] and we will be here to assist you.

If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

for product updates to stay posted on future features.

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