About Miracast Touchback

With firmware version 4.1.0. and above, all Airtame 2 devices support Touchback via Miracast, also commonly known as multitouch UIBC support.

The benefit is that presenters can now use the touchback functionality of their interactive displays when presenting via Miracast.

They can change slides from the interactive display, annotate them into software such as OneNote, and use various PowerPoint and Whiteboard applications.


  • The Airtame device needs to be running firmware version 4.1.0 or higher.

  • Miracast needs to be enabled in Airtame Cloud.

  • The supported operating systems are Windows and Android.

  • An additional adapter is needed between the display and the Airtame 2 device. The adapter can either be a Micro-USB to USB-A Female or a Micro-USB to USB-B cable. This adapter should be a USB OTG type.

Pen touchback

As of firmware version 4.2.1 and higher, Airtame 2 devices have Miracast Touchback pen support for some Epson projectors (ex. Epson eb-685wi).

It is important to note that this pen support also has to be adjusted on the projector itself by activating 'Ubuntu mode'. You can find more information about that here: How to activate Ubuntu mode for pen touchback.

Please note that pen touchback is not available for all display models.


Q: What if the Micro-USB port on the Airtame is already being used for an Ethernet adapter?

A: To free up the Micro-USB port for a Touchback scenario, the options are to either switch to a Power over Ethernet adapter or to a WiFi connection.

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