It is possible to extend your PC's screen with Airtame by using the Airplay streaming protocol (for macOS devices) or Miracast streaming protocol (for Windows devices). 

Note: This feature is not available for mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, and Chromebook or Linux devices.

  • MacOS

This option of extending the screen will work for both Airtame 1 and Airtame 2 devices, as Airplay is available on both versions of the Airtame device.

Here is a step by step guide on how to use this feature:

  1. Make sure that Airplay is enabled on your Airtame device. If Airplay is not enabled on your Airtame device, here is how to enable it: Present to Airtame with Airplay

  2. Open the Airplay list on your Mac PC and choose an Airtame device from the list.


  3. After starting the stream, choose the option 'Use as separate display' which will show up on the Airplay list, as this option of Airplay will enable you to extend your desktop.

  • Windows

This option to extend your screen with Miracast will only work with an Airtame 2 device. Here is a step by step guide on how to use this feature: 

  1. Make sure that Miracast is enabled on your Airtame 2 device. If Miracast is not enabled on your Airtame 2 device, here is how to enable it: Present to Airtame with Miracast

  2. Make sure that the Airtame device is within proximity of the PC/Laptop.'

  3. Press (Win + P) and click on Project, then choose "Extend", and after that choose "Connect to a wireless display".

  4. Select the Airtame device you wish to use from the list.

  5. You should now be extending your desktop to the TV/Display screen.

  6. If you have enabled PIN code, then you will be prompted to enter an 8-digit PIN that you will see on the screen that your Airtame is connected to.

  • Single Window Sharing

Another option would be to use the Single Window Sharing feature (SWS) from your Mac or Windows PC, via the Airtame app. This feature allows you to share a selected window or application while simultaneously working/viewing presentation notes and other content on your computer. Learn more about this on our article on how to use Single Window Sharing for Windows & MacOS

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