We are introducing a paid Airtame Cloud plan

Here is what you will need to know:

  • You will need to manually activate what Airtame devices are on Lite or Plus.
  • This action can only be performed by the Cloud owner or an Administrator and only from the service start date.
  • To activate Airtame devices to the Plus plan, you will need to purchase your preferred amount of Plus seats. 
  • Cloud Plus is seat-based, which means that it is not required to pay for Cloud Plus for all Airtame devices, but only those who you which to use Plus functionalities on.
  • To learn more, including what functionalities are on Lite and Plus, please visit: https://airtame.com/airtame-cloud/
  • Note: In any case, Airtame streaming functionality will still remain the same and no changes will be made to an Airtames general settings like; Name, Network configuration, password protection, Pin code, etc. 


What will happen when I have purchased Cloud Plus?

For Cloud Plus purchase via a contract:

When you have purchased your Cloud Plus subscription via a contract, you will need to activate Cloud Plus for the Airtame devices on the service start date, meaning the date that your subscription is set to start on.
The service start date will be agreed upon in the contract and we will notify you before the service start date. 

For Cloud Plus purchase via a credit card:

From the 16th of March, you can purchase your Cloud Plus subscription via credit card from https://airtame.cloud/account.
The subscription will be activated immediately after the payment is completed. 


How to select Airtame devices on Lite or Plus:

1. No Airtames will be shown until you have activated the seats. 

Press "Manage Screens devices":

2. You can now see all Airtames in your Airtame Cloud account and how many seats you have available. Select the Airtames you wish to activate your available Cloud Plus seats for and press "Save device selection":

3. After saving, all Airtames on Cloud Plus will appear like this: 


Make use of Cloud Plus: 

You can configure each Airtame individually or in bulk. Learn how to in this article: Airtame Cloud: Playlists

Change what Airtames are on Lite and Plus:

You can always change what Airtames should be on Lite or Plus. To make changes, go to Screens and press "Manage Screens devices"

Note that changing an Airtame from Plus back to Lite will revert the configuration to the default homescreen.

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box on the corner or send an email to support@airtame.com and we will be here to assist you.
If you are facing technical issues, remember to send also your Airtame device logs.

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