• This is a paid feature. The Airtame device must have a seat in our Airtame Cloud Plus plan. Learn more.

  • Airtame device has to have firmware version 3.8.0 or higher. (Check out how to update

How to set up a Sleep Schedule

  1. Navigate to the Airtame Cloud Devices tab and select the device(s) you wish to configure and click on "Edit settings". This will bring you into the settings of the Airtame devices. 

  2. At the top right you will be able to see the option to toggle "Sleep Schedule" on or off, and then set the hours when this feature should be active (if you choose the option Scheduled).

  3. If you choose the option "When not in use", you can choose the time interval after which the Airtame device should enable the "Sleep Schedule" feature. 

How does it work

The Sleep Schedule feature works by shutting off any HDMI signal from the Airtame device to the TV/projector/display. In this way, if your TV screen/projector/display has a Power Save mode based on the lack of HDMI signal, it can turn off (when not receiving any HDMI input) and enable its own Energy Saver mode. 

Please note that this feature doesn't turn the Airtame device off, nor does it perform a reboot of the device. It simply stops the HDMI signal from the Airtame device.

When the Airtame is in Sleep Mode it is still possible to stream to the Airtame device. Even though the TV/projector screen or display, will be black, the Airtame device will still show up in your Airtame app as an available device and can be streamed to. If you end the stream, and you are still within the hours of the Sleep Schedule, the device will wait 10 minutes and then go back to the Sleep Schedule by cutting off the HDMI signal.

CEC support

As of firmware version 4.1.0, all Airtame 2 devices support CEC - Consumer Electronics Control, a feature of HDMI that allows devices to control each other.

Please note that CEC support will be available for Airtame 2 devices only.

CEC used together with Sleep Schedule enables remote screen management through Airtame Cloud. You can use Sleep Schedule to automatically power displays on and off at specific times of the day or after being idle for a specific amount of time. This saves on energy consumption as well as the time and effort otherwise wasted on manually turning screens on and off within corporate and educational environments.

You can learn more about this feature here: Airtame and CEC

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