Airtame deployment guide

The Airtame deployment guide includes everything from installation, setup, Cloud management, software deployment, troubleshooting, and a short section about how to inform the end-users.

You can download the PDF file here: Airtame deployment guide

Airtame staged pre-deployment guide

The Airtame staged pre-deployment guide is a very detailed manual for enterprise networks aimed to assist system & network administrators and IT supporters to integrate Airtame into their organization’s IT infrastructure.

It includes all the required “need to know” informational points to consider before deploying Airtame devices.

This guide focuses on more technical aspects of an Airtame device and does not focus on introducing Airtame to your organization and its users. 

You can download the PDF file here: Airtame staged pre-deployment guide.

Deployment validation checklist

This checklist will let you test and validate your Airtame set up to ensure the best possible experience.

You can download the PDF file here: Deployment validation checklist

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If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

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