What does it mean for Airtame customers?

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Overview of streaming protocols powered by AirServer:

  • Google Cast: Native streaming from Android devices and Chrome OS.

  • Miracast: Native streaming from Windows and Android.

  • AirPlay: Native streaming from iOS and macOS. 

Note that AirServer will only be available for Airtame 2.

The three streaming protocols coming with AirServer will all only be available for Airtame 2 and not for Airtame 1.


Q: How will AirServer work with Airtame?

A: The three streaming protocols will be implemented over time into the Airtame firmware. This means that no extra hardware will be needed. 

Q: Will there be extra costs associated with AirServer?

A: No. Airserver will be part of the general Airtame offering/promise.

Q: When will what features be launched? 

A: Stay tuned on each streaming protocol in the links above. 

Q: Will Airtame support AirPlay 2?

A: AirPlay 2 is mainly for audio streaming and does not mean anything for mirroring. We will keep up to date with the latest AirPlay functionalities related to streaming. 

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