When installing Airtame application on macOS Catalina the flow is a little bit different. This is how it works:

1. Download and open the Airtame app from airtame.com/start
2. Drag Airtame app into the Applications folder of your computer.

3. Launch the Airtame app. 

4. The icon will show in the menu bar. 

5. MacOS 10.15 Catalina has extra security features that will display these warnings:

️☝️This warning is related to the Airtame app trying to see nearby WiFis (necessary for detecting new Airtame devices ready to be set up).

☝️This warning shows up because Airtame application will be capturing your computer screen and sending it to Airtame device. 

6. You will need to approve access and restart the application:

☝️The application would need to be restarted after permission is given. 

7. The first time you open the Airtame app on your Mac, you will see this notification and you will have to click on Enable Audio in order to share screen with audio:

8. You will then be asked to enter the admin password for your computer: 

9. Your Mac's security features will block the system extension the first time around, and you will see these notifications. Click on OK and then on Enable audio:

10. You will again be asked to enter the admin password for your computer:

11. Give access to access System Preferences by clicking on OK.

9.  Click on Allow like shown in the picture below or within your Mac go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy and click Allow:

️☝️You will need to enter your admin password to allow this driver.

10. You will need to give permission to capture audio in order to complete installation of Soundflower: 

️☝️This warning is related to the required macOS audio driver "Soundflower", used as a virtual audio input that the app can capture from, for streaming audio.

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