Airtame offers the Extension Cord, a power extension accessory kit for the Airtame 2 power supply unit. Included in the accessory pack is an IEC adapter for the Airtame 2 Power Supply Unit (PSU)* and an extension cord with a standard regional plug.

This accessory provides the benefit of a more flexible setup in three ways: 

  1. The 1.8m (approx. 6 feet) extension cord triples the reach of the power cable of the Airtame 2 Aircord. 

  2. Using the IEC adapter to extend the power means the PSU can be placed more freely and help get around physical constraints, e.g., lack of space behind a TV setup. 

  3. Achieve ultimate flexibility - if you need to extend the cable by
    more than the 1.8m that comes in the accessory pack, it’s easy to attach the IEC(C8) adapter (included in this pack) to the Airtame PSU in order to connect a standard IEC (C7) power cable of your choice.

Note that Extending the power on the DC side of the PSU using a USB extender can cause significant power drops, increasing the probability that the Airtame 2 will not receive enough power to function properly. The Extension Cord accessory extends the power on the AC side of the PSU by using standard IEC C7/C8 connections to provide the most optimal and flexible power extension.

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