The Homescreen Preview app, accessible in your Airtame Cloud account, gives you a brand new way of customizing your Airtame's Homescreen. You can select a custom image to be displayed on the righthand side of your display, with the classroom or meeting room name on the lefthand side. 

The text underneath the room name will let attendees know the class or meeting agenda, how long the room is available for, and how they can start wirelessly screen sharing to Airtame. This text is full customizable. 

A clock is also displayed on the Homescreen Preview. While an Airtame logo is shown by default in the upper lefthand corner, this can be changed to show your organization's logo.

How to set it up:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the Homescreen tab
  3. Select the device that you want to show the Room Preview app on
  4. Click "Switch app"
  5. Select "Homescreen Preview"
  6. Under “Room schedule”, select which room the app should be linked to, based on the ones available via your organization’s calendar
  7. Under “Image”, choose to either leave the default image or add one of your own. Size: 930x1040px, assuming your screen is 1080p
  8. Under “Logo”, choose a company logo to be displayed in the upper lefthand corner of your screen. Size: 200px by 80px and any image of different proportions will be constrained within that.
    We recommend using a transparent PNG.
  9. Under “Guidance text”, choose to either leave the default information (i.e. screen sharing instructions) or customize the text based on your preference. To customize text check this article.
  10. Under “Time settings”, choose the relevant time zone in order for the clock to be displayed in the top middle of the Airtame-equipped screen 
  11. Click “Save” in the upper righthand corner
  12. Click “Apply changes” in the upper righthand corner

⚠️Keep in mind when customizing text that H1 is 2px bigger than the remaining header styles and H2-H6 are all the same size at 28px. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via the blue chat icon in the bottom righthand corner of this page, or via email at

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