Prerequisites: This is a paid feature. The Airtame device must have a seat in our Airtame Cloud Plus plan. Learn more.

The Homescreen app, accessible in your Airtame Cloud, gives you a brand new way of customizing your Airtame's screen. 

  • Select a custom image to be displayed on the righthand side of your display.

  • Upload your own logo to show in the upper left corner

  • Show the current time

  • Let's customize the "Guidance text" to fit your needs.

  • Integrate with Google Calendar or Office 365 to show current and upcoming events. 

Size or elements

How to set it up

  1. Log into your Airtame Cloud account.

  2. Go to the "Screens" tab.

  3. Select one or multiple screens.

  4. Click "Edit settings".

  5. "Select an app", "Add "or click on the X to replace the current one.

  6. Choose the Homescreen app.

  7. Under “Room schedule”, select which room the app should be linked to, based on the ones available via your organization’s calendar.

  8. Set “Image”: choose to either leave the default image or upload your own. Size: 930x1040px, assuming your screen is 1080p

  9. Set “Logo”: Upload your preferred logo. Size: 200px by 80px and any image of different proportions will be constrained within that. We recommend using a transparent PNG.

  10. Under “Guidance text”, choose to either leave the default information (i.e. screen sharing instructions) or customize the text based on your preference. To customize the text check this article.

  11. Under “Time settings”, choose the relevant time zone in order for the clock to be displayed in the top middle of the Airtame-equipped screen 

  12. Save and Apply changes.

Note: Keep in mind when customizing text that H1 is 2px bigger than the remaining header styles and H2-H6 are all the same size at 28px. The user enabling Office 365 requires an Exchange Online Kiosk license.

New features

  • Schedule different apps to play on loop

  • Configure a Sleep Schedule for your Airtame through the Device settings on your Airtame Cloud

Learn more

 Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box in the lower right corner or send an email to [email protected] and we will be here to assist you.

If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

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