As of Airtame firmware v3.6.0, you can try out videos as digital signage:

  • Log on to Airtame Cloud or open the device settings through the Airtame application
  • Select the “Website” option for Homescreen
  • Paste in a public URL from an online source and click “Apply changes”

⚠️The only stipulation is that embed, the autoplay and loop features need to be enabled on the video’s side before copying the URL. If this is enabled then the video should play on a loop. Please note that if the video is “interrupted” (e.g. after a reboot or a live presentation), it would then play from the beginning.

To run a single video on a loop:


Use the above link, but replacing both instances of "AkLaf3wRYMQ" with your video's ID.


To run a video playlist on a loop: 


Use the above link, but replacing the text "PLZsAAiTEZeoE8qU-uqd8DjmcjdnMar_py" with your own playlist ID. 

So simply cut out the ID out of your own URL, and paste in the related section.

⚠️Videos must be available online. It is not possible to upload a video from your device’s saved files to the Airtame. 

Please also keep in mind that our team has mainly tested this feature with YouTube, but you are more than welcome to try out different video players using the same steps.  

✋Know issues and limitations:

  • Audio is enabled by default and there is no way to turn it off without muting the TV.
  • Video playback quality and frame rate will depend on the version of the hardware, the connection to the internet and the connection to the relevant servers where content is stored. Maximum obtainable frame rates are approx. 30 FPS@1080p for Airtame 1 and 60FPS@1080p for Airtame 2
  • Video quality also depends on bandwidth and stability of the Airtame's internet connection.
  • YouTube (or other video players') algorithm for controlling video quality will also have an impact. YouTube might be hardcoded to run 720p to ensure stability.
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