The benefits of using the Airtame PoE Adapter

Airtame offers the Airtame PoE Adapter - a Power over Ethernet to USB accessory that is used to provide DC 5V and Ethernet connection over USB to the Airtame 2. 

The accessory provides the benefit of a clean setup. The Airtame PoE Adapter and Airtame 2 Aircord serve three purposes. In addition to supplying Power (1)  and Ethernet connection (2), the single cable connects the Airtame to the HDMI port on your display (3).  

Deployment of Airtame with Airtame PoE Adapter


  • To deploy Airtame 2 devices with PoE requires you to consider the source of power for the PoE. Not all Ethernet ports or switches support PoE.
  • You will need to use PoE Access Switches or PoE injectors to provide both power and network connection. If you use a PoE Injector please make sure it outputs at least 48v.
  • You need to make sure your PoE Type is supported by Airtame PoE Adapter. Airtame PoE Adapter supports PoE Type 1, PoE Type 2, PoE Type 3 and PoE Type 4 (as long as they follow IEEE standard).

Setting up Airtame with Airtame PoE Adapter

The setup in the guide below is intended for a new device.  If you have already connected your Airtame 2 to the same network via WiFi, we recommend either starting fresh with a reset or disconnecting this WiFi after the setup.

  1. (Optional) reset of Airtame 2
  2. Connect Airtame PoE adapter to Airtame device and your PoE injector/access switch and wait for an IP address to be shown.  If no IP address comes up on the screen you may need to allow Airtame onto your network or check that the Ethernet port on your switch is mapped to a VLAN, is PoE enabled or write to 
  3. Open Airtame application
  4. Select "Setup" from the green banner in the top of the application
  5. Follow the steps (also available in the gif image below)
  6. Test streaming by opening the App and clicking "Share screen" or entering the IP address.
  7. If successful, consider password protecting Airtame's own WiFi APs , or connecting the remaining antenna to your guest WiFi
  8. For setting up on-screen instructions follow this guide: How to edit Airtame's overlay text

Keep in mind that Airtame PoE Adapter has a different MAC address than our Ethernet adapter and you might have to whitelist it separately so that Airtame 2 can join the network. 

Adding a Guest WiFi

Using a wired (PoE) connection, you have the ability to add a second network via WiFi. To do this:

  1. Open the Device Settings
  2. Scroll down to "Network" and select your guest WiFi
  3. Type in the password for that network.☝️Portal login WiFi's are not yet supported by Airtame
  4. Click "Apply Changes" 

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