When Airtame does not have a direct access to an update server, it can not update its firmware via the traditional OTA method. We always recommend using the latest firmware, therefore new releases are very important. For companies who do not have the possibility to connect Airtame to a network with internet connection for accessing the update server - here are the steps for how to setup a local update server on your network.


  • Running web server (Apache/IIS/SimpleHTTPServer/any other webserver).
  • The Airtame's device settings cannot be password protected. You can remove the password, update the Airtames, and then re-enable password protection. 


  1. Create a folder where you will later put the update files.
  2. Go to http://repos-cdn.airtame.com/firmware/DG2/ga/ (for Airtame 2) and http://repos-cdn.airtame.com/firmware/DG1/ga/  (for Airtame 1) and download the following files (can be done manually from another network):
        - For latest version:
        - For any other version:
    ⚠️3.3.1 is an example here⚠️

    3. Run your web server, so it will make your folder publicly available via HTTP.
    4. Send the following command to your device:
    curl -X POST -d '{"url": "address_of_your_local_webserver/path/to/update_folder/{your_version}"}' http://device_ip_address/admin/device/update

⚠️Real examples:

curl -X POST -d '{"url": ""}'       

curl -X POST -d '{"url": ""}' 

Keep in mind:

🎯 This feature is in beta.
🎯This feature will work for releases after FW v3.3.0.
🎯Be careful when saving files  — some browsers save airtame-fw-v3.3.1.rootfs.size as airtame-fw-v3.3.1.rootfs.size.txt. If that happened, make sure the file has the proper extension.
🎯Bare in mind that MD5 checksum is not for archive, but for the rootfs partition inside the image. So the MD5 sum won't match with .gz file, which is OK and expected.

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