For this to work reliably - Airtame devices need static IPs, learn how to do it here

The list of bookmarked Airtames and the App preferences are stored in a file within the computer user’s profile folder. This file can be copied to other PCs in the organization, so the list of Airtame devices will be replicated, as well as the App settings.


Location of the file

Depends on the operating system.

On Windows:


On MacOS

~/Library/Application Support/airtame-application/IndexedDB/file__0.indexeddb.leveldb

The file is named:


Note: The file is a mixture of plain text and binary code. It is not intended to be edited manually.

Deployment Steps:

  1. Open the Airtame application on your computer.

  2. ”Star” or "Bookmark" the Airtame devices you want other users to have.

  3. Click on "Preferences".

  4. Set the preferred settings (if any), for example:
    Copy the file mentioned above and replace it in the exact same location on the target computers using your preferred deployment method.

This process will overwrite the user’s own list of starred Airtame devices and settings in their application. This means users who had already starred some Airtame devices or configured their Airtame App's preferences will lose their customization.

Keep in mind that users will still be able to remove the saved Airtame devices and modify the preferences of the Airtame App on their computer.

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