Note that only Windows Vista and later support LLMNR. This does not work on Apple devices.

If your environment does not support SSDP multicast discovery, you would usually rely on finding and streaming to an Airtame by its IP address into the Airtame application. In this article, we will show you an alternative way to connect to an Airtame device on your network by typing its name into the Airtame app instead of its IP address (without multicast). 

Note that this method is a workaround as it only applies to Windows, and is therefore not a cross-platform solution.

For this to work, we rely on a protocol called Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) which needs to be enabled in your network.  LLMNR resolves single label names (e.g. COMPUTER1), on the local subnet when DNS devolution is unable to resolve the name. This is helpful in a scenario where DNS entries do not include hosts on the local subnet. In order to benefit from LLMNR, you need to enable Network Discovery on all nodes on the local subnet. LLMNR queries are sent to and received on port 5355.  The IPv4 link- scope multicast address that a given responder listens to, and to which a sender sends queries, is  The IPv6 link-scope multicast address a given responder listens to, and to which a sender sends all queries, is FF02:0:0:0:0:0:1:3.

  • If Network Discovery is not enabled on a client (Computer), it will still send out an LLMNR request unless it has been disabled via group policy.  

  • However, a host(Airtame device) will not respond to the LLMNR request if Network Discovery is not enabled. 


This is how to Enable LLMNR with Active Directory GPO:

  1. Log in to the Domain Controller of the domain you want to enforce this configuration.

  2. Open start by hitting the windows key.

  3. Type gpmc.msc.

  4. A new window opens up. On the left panel navigate Forest->Domains->YourDomain.

  5. Right-click on "Default Domain Policy".

  6. Click on "Edit".

  7. A new window opens up, it's the "Group Policy Management Editor".

  8. Navigate "Computer Configuration"->Policies->"Administrative Templates"->Network->"DNS Client".

  9. On the Right panel look for the option "Turn off multicast name resolution".

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