With Airtame 1 you can wirelessly present from any device, have digital signage for all screens, and access an all-in-one cloud management.


The Airtame app

  • Give limitless presenters the unique streaming experience of the Airtame app.
  • Download the app: airtame.com/download
  • The Airtame app works for Windows, Mac, iOS, Chromebook and Linux: Using Airtame
  • Share your full computer or mobile device screen.
  • Share a single window, document or app to keep presenter notes private.
  • Share the same content from your computer to multiple displays.Guarantee that presenters share to the correct display and prevent unwanted streams.
  • Internal, guest and students can all present wirelessly, and securely, from different VLANs.
  • AirPlay* Google Cast and Miracast will be available only with Airtame 2.

*At the moment, AirPlay will stay functional with Airtame 1 by enabling it through Airtame Cloud.

Digital Signage and Airtame Cloud

Airtame Cloud

  • Display images, websites, schedules, room agendas, clocks, project progress and more.
  • Equip the IT administrators with full control over device performance and settings.
  • Access a range of apps to create tailored digital signage: Google Slides, Trello, Unsplash, World Clock and others: Digital signage apps.
  • Invite colleagues to collaborate and assign different access levels depending on user roles, location and use case.
  • Open your Airtame Cloud account or create one at airtame.cloud to discover all the above.

Device and setup

The end of production, not the end of support

As Airtame 2 goes into mass production it will replace the Airtame 1 which will no longer be produced after October 2018. However, this does not mean that Airtame 1 won’t receive firmware updates and improvements!

Airtame 1 and 2 have been built on the same architectural foundation, making it straightforward for us to build software and improvements for both platforms. Software changes will therefore generally roll-out to both Airtame 1 and 2.

For a newly developed functionality, we will always strive to make it available on both platforms and will only refrain from doing so if there are hardware requirements for the new functionality, that the Airtame 1 does not fulfil.

How long will Airtame 1 be supported?

We plan to continue offering technical support, software and firmware updates until October 2020, 24 months from our end of production date October 2018.

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box on the corner or send an email to support@airtame.com and we will be here to assist you.
If you are facing technical issues, remember to send also your Airtame device logs.

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