• Airtame 2 is powered by a 2.3A 5V power adaptor (included).

  • We recommend using the provided power adapter. Airtame 2 cannot be powered via the USB port of a TV or a Projector.

  • HDMI adapters can be used to convert the cable to VGA, DVI & DP.

  • Airtame 2 can be installed along with accessories such as Airtame PoE Adapter*, Ethernet adapter*, or Airtame Extension Cord*

*Sold separately.

Note that the Aircord is not compatible with any USB extenders and, if necessary, should only be extended on the Power-side using Airtame Extension Cord.


Powering Airtame

  • How to assemble the included AC power adapter

Airtame comes with a US power adapter which can be adapted with EU, UK and AUS plugs. To connect the plug of your choice, follow these steps:

  1. Take the PSU (power supply unit) and the adapter of your choice.

  2. Slide the socket over the prongs of the power adapter.

  • How to use Airtame 2 with Airtame PoE Adaptor

Follow the instructions or watch the video in this article: Airtame PoE Adapter

The LED light

Once you power the device up - you will notice that Airtame has an LED to communicate its status:

  1. Light off — Cannot boot or has the LED turned off

  2. Constant Red — Failed to boot into Linux (corrupted partition)

  3. Constant white —  On and ready for use

  4. Blue — Streaming

  5. Pulsing green — Updating

  6. Green — Right out-of-the-box device, tune me up!

  7. Purple — Factory reset (button pressed for 10 seconds, will stay on for 5 seconds)

  8. Orange — Network reset (button pressed for 3 seconds) and wireless network connections were dropped


Mounting Airtame

Airtame 2 provides flexible mounting options for permanent and non-permanent installations.

Positioning for best connectivity:

  1. Place the Airtame as close to the line of sight with the nearest Access Point (AP) as possible.

  2. Place Airtame within 50 feet (15 meters) of an AP.

  3. Use an HDMI-in that is in the direction of the nearest AP.

  4. Try to avoid placing Airtame 2 behind WiFi blockers like the TV or furniture.

  5. Hide the cabling out of sight by using the adhesive strip.

Permanent vs non-permanent

  • Permanent installations: use the adhesive strips of the wall mount and Aircord to permanently fix the Airtame 2 to the TV, projector, or the wall beside it.

  • Non-permanent installations: use only the magnetism of the wall mount to fix the Airtame to a metallic part of the TV or projector. Remember to leave the red seal on the adhesive pads.

 If you would like to download a PDF of the following deployment guide, click here for Airtame 1 and here for Airtame 2

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