Airtame is not a video conferencing solution, and should not be relied on as such. That being said, Airtame can be used alongside some types of video conferencing solutions.


Type 1: Airtame as HDMI-in of an existing solution

Some hardware video conferencing solutions allow users to plug their PC into the hardware so that their PC's HDMI is sent in the video conference. You can replace the HDMI cable with Airtame for a wireless HDMI input to your video conferencing solution.


Type 2: Airtame to share a video conference

When you are video conferencing on your laptop, you can stream your screen to an Airtame so that more people can see the participants. In this case, it's inadvisable to have audio play from the Airtame-equipped display, as this will add a 1-second delay and make the call less fluent. It's recommended to rather opt for playing the audio on the laptop or on a hands-free solution connected to the laptop.

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