For how to use Single Window Sharing and information about current limitations, please read this article: Single Window Sharing

🎯 Presenter mode works with PowerPoint and Google Slides on Windows and Mac computers.
🎯 If you are a macOS user, you can also use AirPlay for presenter mode.
🎯 At the bottom of the page, find printable "How to use presenter mode" posters which can be hung in your meeting rooms or classrooms where Airtame is used.

☝ To share to additional Airtame-equipped displays, simply open the app and click "+ Add screen" next to the name of the desired Airtame display(s).

Presenter mode using PowerPoint for Windows and Mac


  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and select "Start From Beginning".

 2. Open the app and click “Share window”. 

☝ If you are on Windows, to access your toolbar and find the Airtame app,  first click the "Windows" button on your computer keyboard.

3. Back in PowerPoint, click on the presentation window you want to share.

4. Right-click on the slide and select "Show Presenter View".


Presenter mode using Google Slides on Windows and Mac


  1. Make sure your browser window is not in full screen mode
  2. In your Google Slides presentation, select “Presenter view”.

3. In the Airtame app, find the Airtame you want to share
to and press “Share window”

4. Within Google Slides, click on the presentation window you want to share

By default, the streaming will not be shown in full screen.
On Windows, you can switch to full screen mode:

Printable posters for your meeting room or classroom

Click on the relevant poster below to download:

You can find all the instructional posters here.

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