Unsplash allows you to display beautiful images using their free database. Unsplash offers more than 550 000 images which are divided into different themes that you can display in a slideshow or individually.

With firmware v3.2.3 and Airtame.cloud account you can use integration between Airtame.cloud and Unsplash to display these images in a most-simple way. 

How to set up:

  1. Enable Homescreen view on your Airtame.cloud account;
  2. Select device/devices that you want to apply Unsplash to;
  3. Click on Switch App
  4. Select Unsplash
  5. Select a theme/themes, image change intervals
  6. Save and Apply settings

️Please note that at the moment it is not optimized to work in portrait mode.

If you will have any questions - feel free to reach out to us via chat icon or at support@airtame.com

️ Homescreen will continue to be in public beta and unpaid at the moment, giving you the opportunity to explore these apps without additional requirements. As we develop more apps along with more features, we are planning to introduce a subscription model for premium users which will be required for gaining access to certain functionalities. 

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