Deployment Validation Checklist

This checklist will let you test and validate your Airtame setup to ensure best possible experience and readiness for roll-out

Note: Airtame 2 deployment checklist is available for download here


Installation and Powering Airtame 1/ Airtame 2

  • For Airtame 1: If powered by a TV/Projector: The USB provides at least 1Amp. Airtame 2 can ONLY be powered via a power adapter
  • Router placed less than 30 feet (10 m) away from Airtame
  • Fewer than two walls between your Router/AP and Airtame

Airtame fully integrated into your network:  

  • Choose the best WiFi: Use 5GHz over 2.4GHz
  • Signal RSSI value > -60dbm on 5Ghz or -50dBm on 2.4Ghz (Visible on Airtame Cloud)
  • Ping test is stable and preferable below 10ms and at least below 50ms
  • Disable unused "hotspot" Access Points on Airtame to minimize WiFi interference
  • Setup inter-VLAN routing from all intended VLANs to Airtame's VLAN. 
  • Have required network ports open
  • Discovery is working: Available devices are showing up in the app automatically
  • Optional: AirPlay enabled and showing on your iOS device
  • All devices are added to Airtame Cloud

Test streaming and calibrate the display

  • Check if updates are available for both your Airtame device and app.
  • Stream from desired devices. We recommend streaming for a longer period to ensure stability.
  • Stream with audio to confirm it is working correctly.
  • Optional: Stream using AirPlay from iOS devices.
  • Adjust screen settings: Reduce contrast until all the lines in a spreadsheet are visible (Often around 70-80% of max value).
  • Clear text: Reduce sharpen until the text looks good and is easy to read (Often 0-20% of maximum).
  • Disable overscan to avoid a cropped picture.
  • Optional: Avoid black bars by changing the aspect ratio on your Computer to match the TV (16:9) or Projector (16:10).

Software deployment

Additional useful steps:

Note: If you would like to download a PDF of following deployment guide, click here for Airtame 1 and here for Airtame 2.

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box on the corner or send an email to and we will be here to assist you.
If you are facing technical issues, remember to send also your Airtame device logs.

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