There may come a time where you need to update the WiFi settings on your Airtame. For example, if the SSID changes, you move the Airtame to a different office/department or you are taking the Airtame for a remote presentation.

When this happens, the Airtame will not know how to connect to the new WiFi so we must enter the device's settings and update the WiFi information.

Method 1

Connect to Airtame directly using its own WiFi hotspot and access the device's settings via the Airtame app. 

For Airtame 1, if the device's own hotspot is not visible on your computer's list of available WiFi connections, you can reactivate the hotspot by holding the button on the device (where the light is) for 3 seconds.

Method 2

Reset the Airtame device and set it up again with the new WiFi settings.

Here's how to reset and setup for the respective models:

Airtame 1
Step 1: Reset
Step 2: Set up 

Airtame 2
Step 1: Reset
Step 2: Set up 

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