Many Airtame users host internal pages on their servers. You can easily show these internal sites as the screen background on Airtame. 


  1. The site must be reachable from the VLAN that Airtame is connected to.

  2. The website must have HTTPS.

  3. For Airtame 1: The site must not have a memory footprint of more than 150MB when rendering.

  4. The site cannot contain Java, Flash, Silverlight, WebGL.

How to set it up

  • Using Airtame application

The easiest way is to type the site's IP address into Airtames settings under "Homescreen Background > URL".

Second, you can use a domain name. If you are using a domain name, you must have an internal DNS which is:

  1.  Marked to be used by your DHCP.

  2. Allows for dynamic searches.

  3. Is reachable from the VLAN to which Airtame is connected.

  • Using Digital signage app on Airtame Cloud

You can also set Airtame up to display the website via your account. You will be able to set up URL refresh intervals as well. How to set it up:

  1. Log into your Airtame Cloud account

  2. Go to the "Screens" tab.

  3. Select the device/devices that you want to show the Website app on.

  4. Click on "Switch App".

  5. Select Website.

  6. Enter the URL you want to display and select "Page Reload Interval".

  7. Click on "Save" and "Apply settings".

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box in the lower right corner or send an email to [email protected] and we will be here to assist you.

If you are facing technical issues, remember to include Airtame device logs in your message.

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