Key takeaways

  • Monitor and manage all Airtames from a single place and perform bulk edits like updating and rebooting.
  • Get a live preview of the screen content on each Airtame.
  • Configure Airtame screen background including the guide text and use a variety of integrations like Google Slides, Google Calendar.
  • Create groups and set user permissions to organize and restrict access.

Learn how Hult International Business School uses Airtame Cloud to manage their fleet of Airtames:


Current feature set

Airtames - Monitoring and Management

Monitor all your Airtames:

  • Status for each device (Online, offline, streaming).
  • View Network connection status (SSID or Ethernet) and RSSI.
  • Check IP addresses.
  • Check Access point status - enabled/disabled.
  • Check the Airtame firmware version.
  • Create groups of devices. Expand, collapse, and rearrange the groups.
  • Use the search field to find specific Airtames. 

Manage settings and perform actions individually or in bulk:

  • Perform a Reboot or Update.
  • Manage all your Airtame settings and perform bulk changes. 
  • Configure a Sleep Schedule for your Airtame through the device settings 


Screens - Airtame for Digital Signage

  • Screen Orientation Set the orientation of your screen to landscape or portrait mode.
  • Customize Overlay settings such as text, placement, and color
  • Screenshots: Get a visual overview of your Airtames status and what they are showing on their screen background. (Does not show what content people are streaming)
  • Make use of App integrations. Get an overview of all available integrations here: Airtame Cloud Apps

Get started with and get an overview of all your options: Airtame Cloud Screen

Managing your account

  • Sort Airtames in groups.
  • Invite team members.
  • Set user permissions (Owner, administrator, manager, user).
  • Edit user roles, remove people, change ownership.

Lean how to set manage your account here: Airtame Cloud: Managing your account


Some network requirements are needed for it to work with your Airtames:

  1. Your Airtames must have internet access. Port: 443
  2. Your Airtames must be able to synchronize their time with either your NTP server or external NTP servers. Port: 123
  3. Your network must allow communication with servers in Germany since is hosted on AWS in Germany.


Current limitations

Airtame's background web browser cannot show all website content. These are the current things it does not work with.

  • Java, Flash, Silverlight, WebGL not supported
  • Sites that requires login, like facebook (Due to lack of ways to provide input)


Learn more

Do you have any questions?

You can write to us using the blue chat box on the corner or send an email to and we will be here to assist you.
If you are facing technical issues, remember to send also your Airtame device logs.

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